Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Word--By Bruce Mundhenke--United States

The Word

Have you not heard the Word,
Sighing in the breeze,
Descending with the rain,
Singing in the trees?
All that is heard came by the Word.

Note from the poet: This is a poem that reflects my belief that God is everything that was, is, or will be. God is one Spirit from which everything came…

Bruce Mundhenke writes poetry in Illinois, where he lives with his wife and their dog and cat. He finds in nature beauty, inspiration, and revelation.


  1. Thank you Bruce, for your sincere poem.

    Best wishes,

  2. Nice poem, Bruce. I find a lot of God in nature as well. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!


  3. A lot of depth shown in five simple lines, nice one.

  4. Dear Bruce,
    I have heard these words many times,
    But not expressed in such a concluding light.
    Good job.
    Knight Writer

  5. Bruce,
    A good poem. Welcome if you are new, sa warm welcome from me if it is not.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox