Saturday, May 5, 2018

When the Shama Sings--By Molly Moore--United States

When the Shama Sings

His morning twilight repertoire
Keeps me mesmerized.
As the most gifted songster, by far,
No wonder he is so highly prized.

Voicing his sonorous trill after trill
Does he have a message to deliver?
Or is he just enjoying the thrill
Of music that sets my heart aquiver?

He creates new warbles and melodies
At the dawning of each day
So I scan the pomelo and plumeria trees
As his performance gets underway.

I have often heard about happiness
That it's really life's simple things
That contribute the most to well-beingness -
Like when the Shama sings!

Note from the poet: Because of his beautiful song, the Shama is often kept as a caged bird.

Molly Moore returned to Hawaii after completing her nursing education in Seattle, Washington. Perhaps her previous career as an international flight attendant is what launched Molly’s "flights of fancy" into poetry. A love of rhythm and rhyme sparks her creative side, especially while outdoors in nature.


  1. Dear Molly,

    Songbirds have something magic, a joyful soothing influence.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.

    Best wishes,

  2. Lovely poem, Molly. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!


  3. Good early morning Molly,
    This is very good like all of your poetry
    Knight Writer

  4. The shama sings to the heart and does your delightful poem, Molly! Have a lovely weekend. Regards // paul