Friday, May 11, 2018

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Graça Costa—Portugal and Arthur Turfa—United States

Paths of Hope

By Graça Costa and Arthur Turfa

The horizon was dressed
with fragments of eternity.
Dawn danced below my eyes
and words flow like dewdrops in the mist.
Sweet the smell of poetry
sweet as the remembrance of your smile.

Sunlight spread over the low-lying hills.
They reminded me of you in slumber,
your hair tousled like the trees on the slopes.
I beheld you in the stillness of almost-day
and inhaled the fragrance of wildflowers.

The day rose with an outstanding brightness
talking newly-coined words of tenderness
an all new language
both wisdom and sugary
as if we blended feelings and drops
of new ways of life
with skin dressed of hope.

As the sun beamed in a cloudless sky
I made my way through meadow
and forest, wading shallow streams
until I found you in the tall grass
shaded by a grove of oak trees
streaked with wisteria. 

There I was.
Did not know if I was
dreaming, sleeping, 
on a voyage throughout some wonderland of tenderness
Did not know, but I didn't care.
For when I saw you 
making your way through meadow and forest,
when I felt you reaching for my hand
I knew we had it all.
Blessed we were:
shaded by a grove of oak trees
streaked with wisteria. 


  1. Wow! Beautifully portrayed!

  2. This is so beautiful Graça and Arthur!

  3. Graca and Arthur,
    I love this! Great collaboration!
    ~Your friend,

  4. Flowery poetic lines. Romantic. Enjoyed reading this morning. Sara

  5. Dear Graça and Arthur, together you composed an excellent poem, I'm impressed!

    Best wishes,

  6. very beautiful - what a lovely collaboration

  7. Thanks, Inge and Jack! It is easy writing when Graça starts the ball rolling!

  8. The beautiful imagery is enchanting and oh, so romantic!

  9. What a wonderful poem intertwining nature and the emotion of love with beauty and wonder!

  10. Graca and Arthur,

    Thank you for the nicely done, well-written poem. I enjoyed it. Continued blessing to the both of you!


  11. Great Collaboration you two
    I really enjoyed the ending.
    Knight writer

  12. Thanks, Molly, Dwight, Maurice, and Yancy! We appreciate your reading our poem and the kind words.