Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Old Home Place--By Colan L. Hiatt--United States

The Old Home Place

She relishes many memories 
Of her quaint little country home 
Young and happy, at the dawn of life 
Before a tragedy caused her to roam

She recalls bad times as being good 
Although commodities were few
You did the best with what you had 
Repair the old, instead of buying new

Modern days brought many things 
Luxuries and gadgets galore 
Digital items may be found 
Alongside - an old country store 

How to relate to this diversity 
Is sometimes quite a task 
Does modern technology satisfy 
Or do old memories, it tends to mask?

Many of her conversations
Were referenced to "the old homeplace"
As a ripe old age, she did attain
This one memory, time did not erase  

Colan L. Hiatt’s ultimate prayer and desire is that any and all poetic writings that he endeavors to present, would depict Christ as "the answer" to life's problems. May they offer hope and encouragement to pilgrims along the road of life.


  1. Hi Colan. "The Old Home Place" is a very nicely-written poem. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you fro sharing. Continued blessings!


  2. Heartfelt write! Thank you for sharing your poem with us, Colan.

    Best wishes,

  3. Colan,
    A great poem! I do not know you, so, "hi" from me!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  4. Good writing Colan,
    Being old & full of these kind of memories, I love this poem
    Knight Writer