Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Aduro--By Joe Maverick--England


Title less yet, the days to come; the times gone… Memories at best half-remembered
While amidst the fleeting is now! A time of lost opportunity, or the place of renewal..?
Ours to discover, ours to hold, not grasping of avarice led, self-serving design cold.
So as days quicken, as the hour flies, though mid-winter be here
And deep snow lies, can we kindle? Let us host here generosity bright.
From where land ends, to the highland fells sound the trumpet, ring the bells.
Though the darkness does match the lowering skies, let there be light.. 'light..'
Light that brightens mind and eyes, bring in to fire the Scots cone & fir
Let burn logs of apple, elm, maple; oak-burr, strike the bow to fiddle string
As shoes heels click, and echoes out ring, form the line, and dance the jig,
Baste the tatties and turn the pig, gather the family welcome to all, spread the feast
In house and hall, let sadness cease & may joy be strong to greet the New Year in
happy song.

Note--Aduro is a Latin word means alight or to set alight or kindle a fire.

Joe Maverick is a freelance author, from a widely educated background. He has been writing for 27 years. He is interested in feedback from the public; readers are the reason for his writing. Some of his poems are short and succinct, others tell a story. He would like to see the literary flame burn bright in any day and age, believing that it can feed the spirit and bring enlightenment.


  1. Joe, I loved your well written poem that indeed reflects my desire to let the dead past lie in the past with it's sadness and renew my desire to kindle a burning fire of faith, hope and charity that will bring me joy and happiness. Thank you for sharing your talent with us here on Whispers.

    1. Many thanks Charlene, much appreciated is your visit..'

  2. Hi Joe. I like your poem. Thank you for sharing it with us here at Whispers. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)

    1. Hi Maurice, thank you for giving me encouragement with the kind review.'

  3. Dear Joe: This is one of those "deep" poems we used to study in school. There are too many good and wonderful elements within those lines, that I would be all day typing praise of this poem and not writing any of my own.

    1. So pleased you enjoyed this Elizebeth, I shall no doubt give your writes a visit asap..'