Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Frozen In Time (for Donna)--By Michael Todd--United States

Frozen In Time (for Donna)

Nostalgic thoughts and remembrances, frozen in time...
A large get together, neighborhood gathers for croquet,
Or, for one or two, find that special tree to climb.
Cares of the world, a world away, was a time to play.

Late of the day, we would listen for the bell to toll.
Eskimo Pies, Bullets, Shivers, one or more if you please.
Frozen treats awaited, as the Merry Mobile would roll.
Push Ups, Dreamsicles, Twin Pops, provide the freeze.

No cares in the world, nothing could rain on our parade.
We held the Buried Treasure in our hands, on a stick.
One dime at a time, and we were off to find out shade.
Lest you want it to melt, better off to eat it quick.

I am grateful for what brought this back to my recall.
It allows me to reflect on times past, in subtle mime.
I hope this allows the same for others, time to stall,
And gather in your youthful memories, frozen in time.

Michael Todd aka Myke Todd has been writing and posting stories and poetry on social networking sites since 2006. He can currently be found at his dedicated poetry site...


  1. Wonderful piece Myke..of course it helps that we both remember the same things...
    Keep dreaming, keep remembering, and most of all keep writing. You always make us smile.

    1. Thanks, Stephany... I enjoy reminiscing about the good old days.

      Oh, and... Nice FRISTING !!!

    2. Never too cold for a Buried Treasure, Christopher.
      Wish I had one now... Wish I had saved those serving sticks!

    3. Thanks for the sweet memories Michael. I was totally obsessed with Buried Treasure, Push Ups and Shivers. Until your poem I'd forgtten Shivers.
      When I heard the bell my whole world got better. I still remember the smell of the exhaust from the vehicle.

    4. Thanks for visiting here, Johnny... Now, here it is, nearly down to zero, and I am craving chocolate ice milk. I wonder if I used a wooden spoon, I could convince myself it was genuine?

      As for that exhaust, those little three wheelers always sounded like they were about to go pffft for the last time, as they wheeled away.

  2. Michael, thank you for "thawing out" some wonderful memories of my own. Loved the "Ding dong" Man who drove around his truck full of frozen treats that we ran after to catch up with when we finally gathered all our dimes and Nichols, praying we could catch him in time. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. Thanks so much, Charlene... You have reminded me of the saddest afternoons, we I realized, I had missed our Merry Mobile visit, or the driver simply forget us. (We were always told, the following day, it was due to a breakdown.)

      Funny thing is, I just remember, these frozen treats were kept cold by dry ice. When the lid was opened on a really hot day, smoke would rise. That was so cool.

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  4. wonderful story of the past, stirs memories of the good old days!!! Love it Mike

    1. I am a big proponent of the good old days, Linda, more so now than ever.
      Thanks for visiting.

  5. Oh, what a sweet poem, Myke. It reminds me of those wonderful lazy days of summer when I was a kid and carefree. Though I remember the sights and sounds of the ice cream truck well, we rarely got treats from it. I do remember eating the push-ups - those were really good. Thanks for the reminder and step back into time <3

    1. Dahlia... You do realize, I am going to wander in wonder, all day, as to when you did not trade daily with your local cane and dairy wagon...

      Thanks for coming to visit here, Dolly.

    2. Hi Michael. Thank you for the touching and warm "Frozen In Time (for Donna)." Your talent and sentimental tone is evident in this one. Continued blessings!

      -MJ (

  6. Thank you, Eleanor Michael, for the following--

    Good times to remember.