Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Waiting for Snow--By Marianne Szlyk--United States

Waiting for Snow

Birdsong etches the thin air above spiky trees.
Rusty ivy armors the tree trunks.

Vines bind the branches,
but brown oak leaves droop like flags in defeat.

The tallest tree stands stark against a metallic blue sky.
Small clouds rise like sandbags against the cold.

As the wind rushes down the street like a siren,
the lone walker shivers. Her dog wears two sweaters.

Troops of birds swoop from tree to tree to tree,
fighting for the fries that teenagers drop.

She promises to scatter seeds and breadcrumbs
once snow calms this winter scene.

Marianne Szlyk recently published her first chapbook, Listening to Electric Cambodia, Looking Up at Trees of Heaven, at Kind of a Hurricane Press: Her poem "Walking Past Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Winter" has been nominated for the 2014 Best of the Net. Individual poems have appeared in print and online, most recently in Poppy Road Review, bird's thumb, Whispers, The Flutter Journal, Of/with, Walking is Still Honest, and Literature Today as well as Kind of a Hurricane's anthologies, most recently Switch (the Difference). In addition, her collaboration with Joan McNerney was published in Whispers. She also edits a poetry blog-zine at


  1. Lovely observations Marianne.

  2. Thank you, Maureen and Pijush. :) It was inspired by all of the glorious winter poems I have been reading here on Whispers. Then I thought about how, up until this point, in Maryland, we haven't had our snow yet. Winter can be harsh without snow.

  3. Nice poem, Marianne. I like the image within the poem. Nice read. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  4. Lovely poem Marianne beautiful images. I really enjoyed your poem....peter

  5. You have created wonderful imagery in your poetic piece Marianne, a pleasure to read your lovely work. Take care always, Leokadia

  6. Thank you very much, Maurice, Peter, and Leokadia. :) I hope that your 2015 is starting off well.

  7. I loved your images and similes, Marianne, Very creative. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  8. Thank you, Charlene. :) I find that walking helps me find images to include.

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  10. I am realy enjoying by this......nice

  11. Hi, I thought you didn't like winter! What wonderful insight into the this season.

  12. Thank you, Benu and Joan :) When I lived in New England (and when I weighed more), I really enjoyed winter.

  13. Thank you, John Polselli, for the following--

    Splendid images and similies run throughout your poem. Your comparison of clouds to sandbags is particularly memorable. Thank you, Marianne, for sharing this vivid poem.