Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fuchsia--By Marianne Szlyk--United States


Beneath the monkey puzzle
at the Irish arboretum,
flowers blazed like tiny lights
throughout the forest
and along the path.
Even in the chilly July morning,
under gray skies,
as puffy as a comforter,
these flowers flamed.

This month Marianne Szlyk's second chapbook, I Dream of Empathy, will appear at Flutter Press (print). Her poems have appeared in print and online, most recently in Flutter Poetry Journal, Syzygy Poetry Journal, Snapping Twig, Yellow Chair Review, and Long Exposure as well as in the anthologies Our Day of Passing and Raising Lilly Ledbetter. She edits a poetry blog-zine at and hopes that you will consider submitting a poem there.


  1. Thank you, Peggy :) I have fond memories of my family's trip to Ireland.

  2. Marianne:
    I love arboretums, and you have captured exactly the feeling
    of being inside, where flowers can thrive despite the cold conditions outside.
    Excellent piece, Suzanne

  3. I dream of visiting Ireland some day. Until this, this will do nicely.

  4. I enjoyed this brilliant poem Marianne! Your work always leaves me wanting to read more! Aloha, Connie