Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tennis Star On The Horizon--By Ndaba Sibanda--Saudi Arabia

Tennis Star On The Horizon

I think she is set to break records.
Her heart has been broken several
times by the cynical and silly decrees
and labels and ideas of relatives who
confine her world to her disability.

She has shot out of their little box of
confinement and got some tongues
wagging. How could she ever dream
of playing tennis with such weak arms?
How could she dream big, wax great?

She has refused to wallow in self-pity.
Playing tennis and netball -she has
endeared herself to her teachers
and her classmates. A class monitor,
she commands respect on the court.

Ndaba Sibanda is a Zimbabwean-born writer. His poems, essays and short stories have been published in Africa and the USA. Ndaba currently lives and teaches in Saudi Arabia. Of his career, he says, "writing is my life, and my second wife".


  1. Thanks for sharing your poem Ndaba. One could feel many emotions while reading it! Good wishes, Chris~

  2. This is a lovely write. What a powerful piece, great work.

  3. Powerful emotions in it. Thanks for sharing, Ndaba.