Friday, September 25, 2015

The Birdbath--By Suzanne Delaney--United States

The Birdbath

The first is like an imaginary vision
a tiny apparition, in three quick flashes,
landing, one sip, then disappearing,
sweet fairy wren.

Then, there is the brazen, full, plop
of the Currawong
raucous, self- proclaiming
with flapping ablutions.

And on exit, stealing one
of the floating silk lilies.

Suzanne Delaney is a retired Registered Nurse. A resident of Hawaii, USA she was born in Tasmania. She now has time to pursue her passion for writing poetry, creating collages and for traveling.


  1. Suzanne, I really enjoyed your picturesque and well written poem. Thank you for sharing your talent that brought a smile to my face as I pondered the beauty of nature so well described.

  2. You have delighted me by your terrific writing here! I surely enjoyed reading this fantastic poem this evening my friend. What an amazing piece you have put together here, a very ingenious poem. Great work!

  3. Well captured. Flighty yet substantial! Ralph

  4. Thankyou to ALL for your lovely comments.
    I appreciate your kind words.

  5. Hi Suzanne! Enjoyed these flashes of a keen-eyed writer...and the contrast between two birds endowed with different characteristics, highlighted by the final couplet! Txs for sharing. ~~~ paul