Monday, September 14, 2015

World in the Hands--By d. n. simmers--Canada

World in the Hands
After Afaa Michael Weaver

Painted glass like a
maimed whale
charting the world
with his sea lifting tail.
Melted souls
that sweat in trickles
of bees and demons
that cruise in dimming light.
The dead leaves are like
young children returning books
to the final depository.
If leaders are paper baby cups
can they be molded?
Or is it not grief that is
writing today.
Just a question.

d. n. simmers is an on line editor with Fine Lines. He is in will be in Poetry Salzburg Review, the Storyteller, Iconoclast, Plainsongs, California Quarterly, Poets Touchstone, Bluestem, and  Nomad's Choir. He is on line in, red river review, new american digital, storyacious, and word press. He is in an newly launched anthology Royal City Poets ( 4) and was in Van Gogh's Ear, Paris France.


  1. loved the lines 'charting the world with his sea-lifting tail'