Saturday, October 3, 2015

In Memory with Love--Beth Winchcombe--October 2, 2015--England

From Jack Horne--

I have some bad news which will sadden many of you. Yesterday (Friday 2nd October, around 3 pm) Beth Winchcombe, September's Poet of the Month, died at home in her husband's arms. She had a heart attack.

You all know she was a talented writer; she was also a gifted painter. I was close friends with Beth for many years and will miss her dreadfully. She was always willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on and her advice was always sound. My nickname for her was Owlie, as in Wise Owl. The three qualities I loved best about Beth were her warmth, loyalty and sense of humour. I truly feel blessed that she was my friend.

Please also remember Beth's beloved husband Geoff in your prayers. They were the most devoted couple I've ever known. Soul mates is an overused phrase nowadays but it was apt for Beth & Geoff.

Goodbye, Owlie. I loved you so much. Rest in peace, my friend.

Always, Jack xxx


The Candle Has Gone Out

By Beth Winchcombe

Another day,
Another night,
Will it be dark?
Will it be bright?
Love the day,
Love the night,
Enjoy each day,
Enjoy each night,
For life is like a candle
That one day will burn out,
It does not burn forever,
One day it will go out.


Dear Whispers Family,

It is with sadness, Jack and I share this tribute to her.  Beth embraced the Whispers community, supporting and caring about others with her kind heart.  She was a blessing in my life.  Beth shared her gift of words for monthly activities, collaborative poems, individual poems, and uplifting comments for other writers.  She was our September Poet of the Month, an honor she richly deserved.  Above is the poem she submitted for October, a fitting good-bye for a talented artist and wonderful person.  She touched my heart.  Geoff and Jack, accept my sympathy.

Love you, Beth,



  1. Deep condolences. May her soul rest in peace.

    1. Geoff,

      It is with deep sympathy that I write this short note. I am touched by your loss even though I did not know Beth personally. I know that the days and months ahead will be difficult for you and all of Beth's loved ones. I will pray that the God of all comforts will just hold you in His palm and keep you close.


  2. My deepest condolences to Geoff & to all who knew & loved Beth. I've enjoyed reading her poetry the short time I've been part of the Whispers family. I'm very sorry to learn of her passing. I'll remember the family & friends in my prayers! Sincerely, Chris Tate~

  3. Condolences...I am very sorry to hear about her passing. May her soul rest in peace!

  4. Geoff, Jack and Karen,
    My prayers go out to Beth, though I have been a member on this site for a short time myself. It was an honor knowing her. Just curious, how old was she?
    Many blessings,
    David Fox

  5. Dear Geoff,

    My deepest condolences and prayers go out to you and your family. Although I had not known her well personally I thought Beth was a wonderfully, expressive writer whose poetry was inspiring and uplifting to read. The light she shone upon us will be missed very much.

    Sandra Stefanowich

  6. Dear Geoff,

    I'm so sorry to hear about Beth's passing. What a shame, what a shame. Please take care of yourself.


    Marianne Szlyk

  7. Thank you all very much for your outpouring of support. Geoff, her kind spirit and her gift of writing will truly be missed here at Whispers. Again, accept my sympathy for your loss. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Warm regards,

  8. Dear Geoff, the little time I am at Whispers has been fully sufficient to know respect and goold feelings Beth Winchcombe has inspired to all of us, mainly to Karen, our Editor. I read some of her poems and comments and they are memorable. May her soul rest in peace and takes care of you.

  9. Thank you, Phyllis Babcock, for the following--

    I was so sorry to hear about Beth. My deepest sympathy to Geoff and the family. May God bless you and keep you in His care. Comfort you in the days ahead. Rest in peace our fellow poetess. Phyllis

  10. It is always a great loss to life when a fellow poet passes away but we can find some consolation in knowing that her words will never die, my commiserations to her family...

  11. Thank you, Annie Jenkin, for the following--

    For Beth
    A scented rose is plucked from its stem
    A Derby girl, as precious as a gem,
    No rain, nor hail will delay her journey
    And my message to say 'farewell my lovely".

    To Geoff,
    I am thinking of you at this most difficult time

    With love
    Annie Jenkin, Plymouth, England

  12. Thank you, Colan Hiatt, for the following

    Just wanted to extend condolences relevant to the passing of a beloved and gifted writer.

    May the grace of God sustain Geoff and the family in their bereavement.

    Colan L. Hiatt

  13. For Geoff and Jack, with my deepest sympathies. Beth will be greatly missed.

    A Bottle for Our Tears

    “Put my tears into Your bottle...”
    Psalm 56:8

    Lord, bring a lovely bottle for our tears;
    And write her name upon it, signed with love
    From those of us who grieve to let her go,
    But joy in knowing she’s in Heav’n, above.

    And as You guide her through the streets of gold,
    Into the arms of those who’ve gone, before;
    Please grant a special measure of Your grace,
    As we look up, with longing, to that shore.

    Oh what a comfort, Lord, it is to know
    That we will see her there in Heav’n, some day;
    Where there’s no need to capture sorrow’s tears.
    For You’ll have gently wiped them all away.

    And what a grand and glorious day ‘twill be,
    When we are called to meet You, face to face;
    To spend eternity with those we love;
    And, once again, enjoy her sweet embrace.

    But until then, while we must be apart,
    She’ll always have a place here, in our hearts.

    - Lisa DeVinney

  14. Very sorry to hear this news. Sending my prayers for her soul to rest in peace.

  15. Such sad news. Such a wonderful person and poet. She will be mossed by all. My prayers go to out to Geoff and family, Jack and everyone. We shall all meet again some day, in much better place than here.

  16. Deep condolances to all who knew and loved Beth, keeping you all close to my heart during this most diffiucult time.

  17. Geoff, I am saddened to hear about the passing of your wife, Beth. Beth was definitely a blessing to many with her loving personality and talented poetic skills. Creative Inspirations, its subscribers, contributors and readers were blessed by her poetry and comments. May she be resting peacefully with the Lord and may you and your family find grace and peace in His presence. Beth will be missed by many.


    1. Geoff, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your precious Beth. She was indeed an amazing woman, poet and friend to so many, including myself, here on Whispers. She will be greatly missed. I am so glad she was honored as September Poet of the Month, a well deserved honor, before she passed away. May God bless and comfort you and your family in this very difficult time.
      Love, Charlene McCutcheon

  18. My heartfelt condolences to Geoff on the loss of his beloved Beth. She was one of the first to comment on my posts. May she find peace in a heavenly poetic place where her pen will never run dry. // paul

  19. My thoughts and prayers are with Geoff and all his family and friends not least Jack and Karen at this sad time my Beth Rest in Peace I have included her in the poets Obituary roll set up on Poetry and Short story Ink by Richard W. Jenkins who also sends his condolences as does every one on the site!...G

  20. Thank you, Jean Calkins, for the following--

    What wonderful tributes to a talented, and obviously a very special lady. Thanks for sharing. May Geoff find peace knowing she is in a place where only special people can stay!

    Love, Jean

  21. Thank you, Aju, for the following--

    My heart aches at the passing away of any talented artist. The passing of Beth Winchcombe give us pain. I pray to the divine for solace to the family members and help to the soul for peaceful abode beyond.


    Aju Mukhopadhyay, Poet, Critic and Author

  22. Thank you, Zona Lawrence, for the following--

    Having lost my sweet Jack in June, my heart still bruised, aches for the
    loss of such a loved one. Soul mates are hard to come by and rich love
    even rarer. Blessings and healing for Geoff and all of Beth's family
    and friends shall be in my prayers.


  23. I'm sorry to hear of this. I wish all strength to Geoff.

  24. My consonances goes out to Geoff and their family. It's very hard when you lose such a loved one that you've been with for so long and who you've loved with all your heart. I knew Beth for a little while, she was on poetrysoup before I saw her here She was always very kind to me and to everyone she spoke with. I always enjoyed her presence...her writing will live on. My heart goes out to you Jack as well, for losing such a dear friend is never easy, it's always quite difficult to go through. It was a great honor to have known Beth and I look forward to seeing you someday in Heaven.

  25. Dear Friends,

    I am so grateful for your outpouring of support for Geoff, his family and Jack at this difficult time. Geoff and Jack--our prayers go with you in sympathy, hoping that our encouragement helps you through this challenging time.


  26. Wow! This is really sad to hear. I cannot near imagine how much we will all miss Beth. I was reading her poems only a while back... then found this out. Ouch! Oh! This really is sad. What does one say that will make any sense?

    Geoff, may the earth be your comfort and the heavens give you peace. Jack, thank you for sharing the news with us...

    The earth swallows the essence of the best of us
    As our souls fly to the heaven
    Our essence buried in hearts
    May we never decay or fade

    Rest well Beth. Rest. Well.