Monday, November 30, 2015

Haiku--By Arvinder Kaur--India

chiffon saree -
a butterfly around her waist
begins to flutter

painting class -
my grandson brings
an ocean on a pebble

moonlight spills
on the battlefield -
an empty helmet

the proposal
he never made -
smoke rings

Arvinder Kaur is an Associate professor in English and Media Studies. She writes haiku both in Punjabi as well as English. She has four books to her credit which include poetry, a work of translation and her first collection of punjabi haiku, Nimolian. Her work has been published in several haiku journals and anthologies. She lives in Chandigarh with her family.


  1. very nicely done
    esp like the ocean on a pebble
    keep up the good work
    best always angelee

  2. New and old material (Haiku) blending perfectly. Enjoyed them all again! Ralph

  3. Thank you Angelee, Don Beukes,Ralph Scott. Truly appreciate the honoured that you stopped by and commented . Wishes for love and peace !