Monday, November 30, 2015

What of Desire--By Dan Tharp--United States

What of Desire

What makes you think trees long for the breeze
to play upon their leaves?
And did you really consider whether trickling streams
rejoice to meander their way to a turbulent ocean?
And what of the rain which plays its melody
upon the surfaces of stones, leaching into their crevices?
Or tempestuous winds sowing the seeds of life
on fields eager to nourish their offspring?
What do you make of tenacious waves
pounding upon a rocky northeastern shore?
Do you suppose they are any less content
knowing they may not trespass her boundaries;
knowing they may only play at the feet
of the one to whom they are subdued?
What of the curtain dancing with a gentle breeze
before an open window to the songs of the birds beyond her reach?

And what of desire (the longing for affections lavished
on one enthralled with yearning)

the having takes away?

Dan Tharp is the author of four books of poetry, 3 of which are in chapbook form... Side by Side, Yielding Desire to Fate, A Season Made for Wondering and A Rose in the Briar Patch. Dan resides in Southern California.


  1. Desires that live under the skin and upon the soul, yearning we bitter know already unreachable, Sad but sometimes indeed true a poem.

  2. Hello Dan

    Allow me to let your words stand. There is nothing I could add or change. I would never take such an entry apart either by line or by word.. This entry written by you most certainly is poetry in true form and fashion. The words are poetic to which you have command and control. The voice and tone are marvelous. This is an entry the should be read out loud slowly and with emphasis. Thank you for sharing your talent. This was an honor to read. Sincerely, Ann Marie Mazzarella

    1. Thank you, Ann. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  3. A very fine piece, of great authority. Marvellous! Ralph