Sunday, November 15, 2015

Poet of the Month--Russell Sivey

Fields of Autumn

By Russell Sivey

Fields are full of orange and red today
and the trees are coming to follow suit
with the leaves all turning with perfect hue
the sun and the moon are in full pursuit.

The days are dimmer but filled with delight
the sky is turning grey and what a sight
but the color on the ground is what counts
the best leaves are glowing, makes it feel right.

This time of the year beauty inspires
breaking shine into pieces of daylight
shifting time to see this wondrous beauty
where flowers and trees show off in the light.

Autumn brings cooler air within these fields
the days are shorter with less light to see
letting the animals to roam around
going about the trees and tall grass, free.

There’s nothing greater than all its color
that this time of year brings to the forefront
the cool crisp autumn shows brilliant colors
glory to the Lord and His vast home-front!

From the editor--It is a pleasure to announce that Russell Sivey is November’s Poet of the Month!  He is a talented writer, accomplished in the use of rhyme and imagery. Readers at Whispers enjoy his poetry. He regularly shares thoughtful comments to encourage others at our online journal.  It is a joy to present Russell with this honor!

Thoughts on “Fields of Autumn”--Russell opens his poem with rich visual experience using multi-sense imagery.  The personification helps set the tone in his uplifting verse. The cadence and rhyme flow effortlessly to carry his timeless message.  This is a poem you will enjoy.

Congratulations and thank you Russell!  I appreciate all you do and have done for Whispers.


Karen O’Leary, Editor


  1. Congratulations Rusty on being selected Poet of the Month. You deserve it! Love your colorful poem! Also, thank you for always leaving such thoughtful, encouraging, uplifting comments on my poems & so many others here on Whispers! I agree, glory to the Lord because His handiwork is breathtaking! Good wishes, Chris~

  2. Russell,
    Congratulations on this honor. You ought to be proud of yourself!
    Your friend,

  3. Congratulations Russell: A wonderful Autumn poem. You have captured all the beauty in your flowing verse. Hugs, SuZ

  4. What a beautiful tribute to this season and to the incredible wonder of nature. Congratulations and thank you for writing this one-of-a-kind poem.

  5. Congratulations Russell.
    What a gorgeous fall poem and like Hopkins, you see the "world is filled with the grandeur of God."
    Very inspiring. Thank you for bringing such color to my day.

  6. Well caught a sight of this beautiful season. Don't stop at making winsome poems like this one, Congratulations of your fellow poets. .

  7. Stunning poem, Russell, accentuating so much that is essential, to this wondrous time of the year.

    Congratulations on being selected as this month's featured writer, and best wishes for the coming season...

  8. Congratulations Russell! Well deserved. Best wishes Ralph

  9. Congrats, A stunning visual write. well done. best wishes. pete.

  10. Russell,

    Congrats on your poem of the months..I enjoyed reading your work..The colors of autumn are wonderful along with the cooler temperatures make it an exciting time of the year..


  11. Thank you, Andrea Dietrich, for the following--

    Congratulations, Russell. Have not seen you in such a long time!!

  12. Big Congratulations on being chosen POTM, Russell! This poem is delightful in presentation and content which appeals with its lovely imagery. Well done! Regards // paul

  13. Congratulations on being the Poet of the Month, Russell! Great piece of poetry here about autumn hues!

  14. Congratulations Russell. What a blessed accomplishment! And thank you for sharing "fields of Autumn." I enjoyed it. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (