Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Redemption--By Subilaga Emmie Mulaga Jana--Malawi


Down glory lane lays an olive branch
Mercilessly pruned from old ranch
Gracefully swayed by a summer’s breeze
A memory seed beneath the ground
Romances soil when passionately ground
A subtle emergence of a new life
Unearths an everlasting sweet aroma
That emancipates souls from carnal ride
There is a wispy kiss to the whirl
As it mingles with heavenly will
Collaborating a symphony of gusty truth
As it wins souls with a commanding truce
Pure olives sprout from lonely souls
Outright healing from bleeding sores
Comes with a great celebration
For the rise of a new generation
There is no going back
For these, shall never lack

Born on 30th August 1980 at Lilongwe Central Hospital in Malawi, Subilaga has always loved to write since at a tender age. She wrote short stories and was always interested in things of art. English was always her favorite subject. Subilaga has been writing poems since the age of ten, and it is after someone read her poetry that he thought it was worth sharing. She has always been a spiritual person and is always in touch with her feelings. She believes the gift of poetry is deep spirited and comes from a deep connection with reality.