Saturday, September 17, 2016

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Phyllis Babcock—Canada and Jack Horne--England

Autumn Arrives 

By Phyllis Babcock & Jack Horne

The cold damp days slowly crept in,
temperatures began to plummet.
A breath of autumn hangs in the air.
Misty rain-drenched mornings
touch the damp mossy earth,
dewdrops cling to the leaves,
and the landscape slowly begins a color change.

The dusk drives in, darkening quickly,
on cool evenings sprinkled with showers.
Rain washes the windswept trees,
as brave leaves flutter to the ground.
A shy moon peeks through moody skies,
as streetlights reflect on wet pavements
and people hurry home to sit by the fire.


  1. Thank you for this tone poem of autumn so beautifully rendered. I love " a breath of autumn hangs in the air." and the image of "rain washes the windswept trees." Yes, we will all hurry home to sit by the fire.

  2. Dear Jack and Phyllis,
    Really like your collaboration, especially,"brave leaves flutter to the ground." This poem is full of color and seasonal joy.
    Thank you.

  3. Autumn Arrives is a beautiful metaphorical poem. The images like 'breath of autumn','moody sky', 'shy moon' are very poignantly painted.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments - and thank you for writing with me, Phyl

  5. What a beautiful tapestry you two have woven. Congratulations, Phyllis and Jack. Elaine George

  6. Such a lovely poem, Phyllis and Jack. I really like how you bring the arrival of autumn to life.

  7. Phyllis and Jack,
    I can feel the imagery in this poem. Beautiful!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  8. lovely images, a mix of warm and chilly!

  9. I really enjoyed your work, congratulations!

  10. Hi Phyllis and Jack! What a lovely autumn poem you have presented...delightful imagery and personification. Here in Malta the weather is still quite hot and I'll still be swimming half way through November. Regards to you both. // paul

  11. What an excellent picture of Autumn you both have drawn My dear friends Jack and Phyllis.
    Thanks for sharing your Creation.

  12. Dear Jack and Phyllis,

    Fall is my favorite time of the year, rainy days and all. I loved the imagery you both painted here it is so well done! Great collaboration you two!

    Best to you both,

  13. Phyllis and Jack, This is a wondeful collaborative effort by both of you, where you have celebrated the season with such beautiful imagery it leaves one with a very warm, cozy feeling. Excellent! Aloha, Connie : )

  14. Thank you, Phyllis Babcock, for the following--

    It was a pleasure to write a poem with you Jack. Thank you for all for your comments on our poem. love phyl