Thursday, September 15, 2016

Strange!--By Sunil Sharma--India


Waking up suddenly, grandma asked: is it raining?

No, it is not, said the child, busy with her old toys.

But I heard the torrential rains
over the tiled roofs, green fields,
the singing river and the winding streets!

Intrigued, the kid opened the window.
A fierce sun shone on Delhi's cluttered skyline

Then…the kid felt
the soft rains, falling drop-wise
in cupped hands, thrust out 
of barred windows, tingling the palms
sliding down into the ground

Hey, you cannot store the diamonds for long!

Rain catching...
a forgotten sport!

Sunil Sharma is a writer based in Mumbai, India. A college principal, he has published four books of poetry, two books of shorts and a novel in English, apart from co-editing six literary anthologies.  He edits Episteme:   


  1. very interesting poem would work well as a haibun,best wishes,angelee

  2. Hats off to Sunil Sharma! A new thought for me: "rain catching"
    You pushed my poetry button.....

  3. A lovely and original poem, Sunil; I'll have to try rain catching! // paul