Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tanka--By Anne Curran--New Zealand

this poet
reminds me of my brother
the line of his jaw ...
as he speaks words
that make my eyes shine

he talks freely
of the pain
he is feeling ...
all I can see
is the clarity of his eyes

mature faces
at the poetry reading
on Friday night ...
teenagers skateboard
on the pavement outside

Anne Curran is a Hamiltonian and New Zealander.  She writes in awe and admiration of all those Japanese verse poets and editors who have encouraged her on this journey.


  1. Dear Anne,
    Welcome to Whispers'. Your tanka poems are compelling. Thank you for them. Love the way they sweep me into your world.

  2. Your skateboarding teenagers are a wonderful counterpoint to the atmosphere in most poetry readings. A surprising imaginative leap, Anne.

  3. Kia Ora Anne beautiful Tanka from one Kiwi to another

  4. Lovely collection, I really liked the last one!

  5. Lively tanka collection. I especially liked the teenagers outside the serious faces inside at the poetry reading.

  6. A lovely read; its all in the eyes. Thank you for sharing, Ralph.