Sunday, May 27, 2018

Love Enigmatic--By Aju Mukhopadhyay--India

Love Enigmatic

Woman! Whether it was your frailty or mine
I could never realize; you’re always mine;
A source of emotive surge from the unknown nature
To a neophyte, it’s always fraught with danger.
Sometimes I shied away with beating heart
Even meeting of minds and vital urge could not feed the heart
Every erotic rush hurt, every achievement met with satiety
Ever I failed to find the sought for beauty.

Looking for beauty from birth my eyes have never been feasted
With attraction for any of you, my being has ever been satiated.
You are there sure; your face fading in the deep foggy morning
Once you walked leisurely until vanished at the turn of the road;
It’s unbelievable that we couldn’t meet, my eyes steadily following
With earnest hope of settling with you in a bower sweet and broad.
Feeling, smelling and breathing you even for a moment is euphoric
You live in my nest yet I do not find you; it’s enigmatic
Even an apple like you before me, I cannot eat.

Aju Mukhopadhyay, an Indian bilingual award-winning poet, author and critic, who has authored 34 books; 12 books of poems including two books of Japanese short verse, five books of short stories and a novel. He writes travelogue, on animals and nature. His poems and short stories have been widely anthologised.


  1. Thank you, Mr, Mukhopadhyay, for sharing your poem with us. A nice read.

    Best wishes,

  2. Mr. Mukhopadhyay,

    Thank you for your poem. I enjoyed reading it. Continued blessings!


  3. Good poem Aju,
    To me reading it brought the title alive
    Knight Writer