Thursday, June 30, 2016

Celebrating Contributors--Their Views with My Gratitude--Karen O'Leary, Whispers' Editor

Dear Whispers’ Friends,

We passed the 200,000 milestone, a celebration of each person that has been a part of our online journal/poetry community. Thank you so much to the countless wonderful people that have shared in this journey.

True Color

Encouragement is a white
tulip in spring.
It does not pretend
to boast vivid, rich hues.
In its simple beauty,
it displays what it is.

Contributors were asked to share some thoughts about Whispers or about poetry in general.  Here are their thoughts and poetry for you to enjoy.

Many blessings and best wishes,

Karen O’Leary
Whispers’ Editor

ayaz daryl nielsen, United States--

lotsa love, Karen, as always. . .

Mary Jo Balistreri, United States--

Oh Karen, the poem says so much. Love to you always.

Michael Todd, United States--

I love your poem and all it implies.
I adore this place as a second home.
I could not say it better in a dozen tries;
To those on the sidelines, come and get you some.

Pam Murray, Canada--

Well put Michael; short but so to the point!


Charlene McCutcheon, United States—

Whispers is a home away from home indeed
Other's hungry souls we want to feed.
A big deal, but it's only half the fun
Being fed a "full deal" is rarely done.

Love coming here and being fed!

Thank you Karen for all you do to make this a great place to be. It does feel like home.

Love, Charlene

Connie Marcum Wong, United States--

Beautifully said Karen. It is always a pleasure to visit Whispers.

Love and Aloha,

Molly Moore, United States--

I love the image of the pure white tulip. Since white contains all colors of the visible spectrum, it whispers to us that we here are all one. Warmest mahalo to you, Karen

Jim Teeters, United States—

Yes, simplicity - fits my Quaker self!

David Fox, United States—

Whispers is a great place to display
Our spiritual writings or fun wordplay
Karen the editor takes what we write
And shares it with others -- what a great site!

Thanks for all you do, Karen!

Your friend,
David Fox

Peggy French, United States--

Great piece, Karen, best to you! Peggy

Suzanne Delaney, United States--

Dear Karen:

The simple beauty of your poem highlights the welcoming feeling of Whispers.
Such a joy to read and share thoughtful poetry with like- minded writers.
Like coming into a quiet room and closing the door to be refreshed by beautiful thoughts.


Ralph Stott, England—

Being true is a wonderful foundation. Long may Whispers stand! A wonderful poem Karen, for this thread.

another hill
the sound of the sea

crescent moon
a poet fills
a void

keep going Karen! Your dedication is an inspiration.


Pam Murray, Canada—

I agree Ralph, Beautiful words that touched my soul too.


Paul Callus, Malta--

Hi Karen, I want to thank you for all the encouragement you have given me from the day I joined Whispers. You made me welcome and treated me as a friend. Poetry brings us closer to each other. May you keep up your hard work! God bless.

Sunil Sharma, India--

On the steel table
Of a hospital room
Lend hope to the ill.

Sandra Stefanowich, Canada--

Dear Karen,

Your poem is simply beautiful as you are. As I took a walk through your tulips they led me to an

Unknown Destination

the train whistle blew
I rode the rails

back to you, my friend. Thank you for all that you do.

Love, Sandra

Ken Allan Dronsfield and Blanca Alicia Garza—United States

Wonderful poem Karen, and with the end of your poem, I\we hear ......


Whisper softly in my ear
share your dreams of a
beautiful coolish spring
where worms run in fear
of Robins upon the lawn.

Come to me in the scent
of lovely lilacs and roses,
musty leaves, renewed
earth and blue skies with
pink marshmallow clouds.

Ride a lovely unicorn into
the glorious sunset upon
reddish twilight shadows.
Whisper softly in my ear;
I am yours, forevermore.

Ken Allan Dronsfield
Blanca Alicia Garza

Pam Murray, Canada--

Ken and Blanca, this poem is absolutely breath taking and so perfect for the intent of this Thread.


Constance Escobar, United States—

Whispers is a wonderful resource for great poetry and a great venue where poets can share their work.

Brian Strand, England—


Whisper it short..
whisper it long..v
whisper little songs

May each 'Whisperer' continue to be a 'poiema' (Ephesians 2:10 ) to each other... it is a natural necessity so to do.

rgds Brian

Connie Marcum Wong, United States--

This is my offering to help celebrate your upcoming milestone of 200,000 views Karen. Your Whispers is a joy to visit and you are truly appreciated for all you do to help poetry prosper. Aloha and Congratulations my friend. Connie


With a chill still in the wind, spring arrives
Clutching her white coat that slowly melts
In Sun's warmth, coaxing blossom's birth.

Humidity heavy with the scent of Jasmine
Announces summer's steamy footsteps
As ripe strawberries share sweet savors.

A harvest moon greets lovely autumn, smiling,
When her frosty breath changes verdant leaves
To glorious hues, drifting down, dancing to death.

When winter white fleeces her snowy shawl,
Maple trees share syrup from their vitreous veins.
Hearth's smoke rises above naked trees at rest.

Connie Marcum Wong

Jack Horne, England—

Some tulips here for everyone,
plus friendship, smiles and lots of fun!

Mary and Alice Couch, United States--

within the whispers
musical notes bring delight
inner mind transcends

Alice & Mary Couch
We are glad to be part of this great group.

Marlene Million, United States--

"Whispers" inspires many souls.
On soft breezes, words drift
above cloud-cushioned sky,
mingling, and gracious music endures.

Wonderful to be a part of this group,

Pam Murray, Canada--

Encouragement Is

A light touch given with love
A rainbow in a stormy day
A simple word, a miracle
That helps us look beyond the grey.

A smile that tells us we're worthwhile
A calm acceptance of our fears
As simply part of who we are;
Encouragement lasts all through our years.

Pam H. Murray

Maurice Reynolds, United States--

Thanks for sharing, Karen. Your poem is a reminder, to me, of the beauty within us that has the potential to become amazingly beautiful. Continued blessings to you and Whispers, and its contributors and readers.


Raamesh Gowri Raghavan, India--

Thank you for this thread, Karen. It is truly a reminder to celebrate what we have while we have it.

Sharing a poem that has been the lynchpin of my creative outlook:-

The message is supreme;
Born in the heart,
and lilting itself
from tongue to tongue,
throwing its scent
over wind and wave;
travelling on dots
or fingers
when blindness
or silence bar its way.

It hews itself into stone
or burns itself onto magnetic discs;
it is the message that lives
and I exist
solely to pass it on.

Barbara Tate, United States--

What a delight this journey has been with Whispers. So many familiar names and old friends!! Thank you Karen for all the hard work you put in for each and every one of us--and thank you for telling me "how it is" when I need it.

Christine Tate, United States--

Thank you Karen for the invitation
in an ongoing thread of celebration.
Across the globe words take flight
as poets share what they write.
I hope others are blessed indeed
by the wonderful poems they read.

Love to you Karen,

Gerald Heyder, United States--

Just a few lines to say how wonderful Whispers truly is. This venue is a blessing for everyone involved from contributor to reader. Whispers expands the horizon of literature to an ever shrinking world in which we live. May this publication be in existence for a long time to come so that it may grow by leaps and bounds for the benefit regarding the realm of poetry!

Gerald Heyder

Ndongolera Mwanguplili, Malawi--

Whispers is a family. Global family.
John Polselli, United States--

Congratulations on the growing success of Whispers. I'm sure you'll reach the 200,000 views landmark soon. It's truly a pleasure to be a part of this important and valuable labor of love and dedication. Poetry is a deep inner-calling of the soul, and, as such, as long as human beings exist, it shall never perish. Whispers is proof positive of this!

John W. Williams, United States--

Whispers is the voice of poets! It speaks heart to heart... I am grateful to be a part of its voice.

Gerald Heyder, United States--

Whispering Winds

A cool whispering breeze
teases and pleases
the senses of our hearts
and souls to show
nature croons poetry
in a blithe spiritual way.
The whispering winds
of words emblazon a fruitful
meaning upon the screen
of our subconscious mind
for us to find kind
feelings in our dealings
with committing grace
and beauty upon paper.
Long may whispers
flourish to nourish
our hunger of the written
word for the true posterity
May God bless the vessel
christened "Whispers"!

Eleanor Michael, United States--

Poetry. . .

written work
into short forms.
These threads
bind us together
in understanding
common experiences
of now living
in an ever-trying
world; sided, yes
by those who hope,
who help us all
travel on -
meet each new day
each new challenge.

David Palmer, United States--

Congratulations, Karen on the achievement of this tremendous milestone. Poetry is one of our most significant forces for good in this world. Through the words of the Poet, not only is life in all of its triumphs, tragedies, absurdities and humor presented as it is; the opportunity also exists to present to our world a vision of what life could be like, what more me might expect, and perhaps what steps we could begin to take now toward that better world. Congratulations Whispers! May the vision continue for another 200,000 views, and many more.

Neena Singh, India--

Congratulations dear Karen! May Whispers grow from strength to strength...numbers are good but what is more inspiring is that you are connecting sensitive souls who express their thoughts and emotions in poetry! Motivating some to write, some to inspire others, all yearning to make a difference.....God Bless you!

Langley Shazor, United States--

Karen I am so humbled to be a part of such a wonderful community of poets. I am encouraged daily by the words of everyone who contributes. Thank you for all you do to continue to grow Whispers!!!

Whispering Haiku

A community
Here we are all uplifted
Together we speak
Sanjeev Sethi, India--


In your environs
I can inhale
purity of Whispers.

God Bless!

Sanjeev Sethi

Joan McNerney, United States—

Many congratulations to you and your lovely white tulip called "Whispers.

Luncheon by the lake...
how lucky we are to have
such a large finger bowl!

Joan McNerney

Edilson Afonso Ferreira, Brazil--

Be sure your white tulip radiates so many warm feelings through our particular world what it would never be expected from simply whispers. And this is because they are reunited and leaded by the kindness and love of you, dear Karen. We wish you all happiness and joy.

Arthur Turfa, United States--

Thanks, Karen! It is great to be part of this community!

Maralee Gerke, United States--

Each time I read poems on this site it makes me realize how many wonderful poets there are scattered over the world. We can't take over the world but we can make it a more beautiful and peaceful place. Grateful to be part of it.

Sanjeev Sethi, India--

An edited version of the one sent earlier in the day/night.


In your environ
I inhale
purity of Whispers.

God Bless!
Sanjeev Sethi

Sheikha A., Pakistan and U.A.E.--

this space is an opening
like the closures of dawns,
we write to end a beginning
to mend what's torn. This is
the full circle of hazes
where we wade through fogs,
the peaks of our spirits
find paths of dreams to trod.

- Sheikha A.

Nila Webster, United States--

Thank you, Nila Webster, for the following--

We are all part of the fabric of God's universal love, and part of the fabric of each other's lives. Whispers is a living manifestation of this fabric and spirals around the world, radiating hope and giving inspiration. To be part of this is to make a difference, and this venue to share is gift and a way to shine our light.

David Kelly, Ireland--

Congratulations Karen, for the milestone and for gathering such a wonderful community.

Here's a haiku in celebration of the site ...

lost in its beauty
a song of many voices
whispers in the wind

jani johe webster--Thank you, Nila Webster for sharing her Mom's words for this thread—United States

it is a gift / this day

By jani johe webster

Maricris Cabrera, Philippines--

Rushing water rolling down to the sea makes music to my ears.

And so we end this thread that is woven with countless others that have graced this journal with their poetry and for readers kind enough to share their encouraging words.  It is up to each of us to chart our own journeys and in those journeys, and here at Whispers, I hope we make a difference.                                                               Blessings always, Karen 


  1. What a lovely thread, beginning with a lovely poem. Thank you for making Whispers a poetic space for us all, Karen. :)

    1. Dear Marianne,

      It is the talented poets like you that make our poetry community possible. Kudos to you, my friend. Keep on enjoying your writing journey. Thank you for your lovely comments and your ongoing encouragement.


  2. This is wonderful. Honored to be among everyone here.

    1. Dear Michael,

      You do so much for our poetry community, and it is an honor to have you here. Hope we will be reading more of your wonderful poetry in the months to come. Happy Writing!


  3. This is a living tribute to what "Whsipers" embodies: beauty, hope, creativity -- for our lives, and for the world. It is a gift to be part of this.

    1. Dear Nila,

      What an inspiration you are! It is a gift to have words by you and your mother a part of this celebration thread. Thank you for being a part of our ongoing journey.

      Many blessings,

  4. A beautiful connection of art and flare, talent and fellowship. Humbled to be amongst you all as friends of poetry... Thank you all for sharing here, without you all and Karen of course many of us may not find your poignant voices. Kindest thoughts.

    1. Dear Anna-Marie,

      What a joy to have you a part of our Whispers community! Your lovely words and ongoing encouragement are greatly appreciated. Happy writing, my friend.

      Blessings always,

  5. What a lovely collection! Best wishes in all you do Karen, love being a part of Whispers!

    1. Dear Peggy,

      It is wonderful to have you a part of Whispers, too! You are such a talented and encouraging voice. Thank you for your kind comments.


  6. Poetry has a way of transforming us into what probes the world we live in as time ticks away--Poetry both breaks then stitches us. And I might add that through Whispers we are privileged to participate in family that is continually being broken and healed.--So appreciate the Whispers family

    1. Dear Michael,

      And when one of our poetry family needs support and encouragement, I hope they find healing here among friends. Thank you for your inspirational thoughts. It is great having you a part of this journey.


  7. congratulations to Whispers! glad to be a part of it!

    1. Dear Sheikha,

      Glad to have you a part of our poetry community. Congratulations to you for being a part of our milestone and this celebration.


  8. Very touching and thoughtful, filled with love and tenderness from each contributor and writer. Well deserved. Congratulations to Karen and all of the Whispers family. Continued blessings to you all!


    1. Dear Maurice,

      You carry so many of my thoughts in your comments. Thank you so much. Kudos for all you do to make this community possible. You are such an encouraging voice here.


  9. What an inspiration and blessing, all these notes from contributors, and our dear editor, Karen for offering this place open to all people. I am happy to be part of the growing Whispers community.

    1. Dear Mary Jo,

      What a joy to read your words today! Thank you for being an inspiration to our poetry family with your encouraging words and wonderful poetry. Kudos, my friend!


  10. Having gone through the complementary words shared by various POETS and READERS, I really feel much honored and proud to be a part of WHISPERS.

  11. Dear Satish,

    It is a joy to have you a part of Whispers! Thank you for sharing your gift of words.


  12. loved reading these beautiful words - vive le whispers : )