Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 13, 2013--By Charlotte Ann Zuzak--United States

March 13, 2013

Not a dove, but a seagull sat
on the chimney top, a
manifestation of changes
to come.
The gentle St. Francis gazed
over the throng in St. Peter's Square
and awaited the moment of disclosure
as the gentle man of Buenos Aires
stepped forward.

Charlotte Ann Zuzak received her BA degree from Albion College and her MA from the University of Michigan in foreign languages. She taught Spanish for several years on both the high school and college levels. She has always been involved with music, namely piano and organ. Charlotte worked with voice students as an accompanist, and also as a church organist. She has been involved in writing starting in grade school when she wrote short stories and poetry. After she quit teaching she returned to her love of writing. With her husband, a retired university dean, she has traveled extensively in Europe, Russia and the United States. Charlotte and her husband have a daughter who is a medical doctor in Bethesda, Maryland.


  1. Dear Charlotte -

    I love the way you have written all aspects of this beautifully descriptive scene. - "the gull not the dove" (I think representing humility.) I'm not a religious person in the usual sense but am drawn to the gentle saint (like so many are). Let's hope Pope Francis is an instrument of peace for all.


  2. I am enjoying the associations in this poem; combining what i can bring and know, with the imagery and that which i need to discover. Thank you so much. A delightful read. Best wishes ralph.

  3. Thank you, Phyllis Babcock, for the following comment--

    I had to read this twice before I noticed the dove and seagull. We will see how the new pope fares. Enjoyed your poem.