Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nature’s Glory--By Christina R. Jussaume--United States

Nature’s Glory

The glory of Lord does surround
See mountain wildflower beauty
Be thankful for gifts He does give

Waterfalls cascade by His will
His way like homemade is the best
Trust Him to upgrade for better
Twinkling stars displayed give us wish
Remember story of the loaves of bread and fish

Birds of the air know He’ll provide
Herds of animals find pasture
Words we hear allow emotion

The sea’s waves crest as they reach shore
We are blessed to live on His earth
Please Him as a quest in your life
In each bird’s nest feel great delight
Through prayer Lord will guide you during the day and night

Christina R. Jussaume is a Christian Author of 9 poetry books. She has had many poems published in anthologies and fundraisers. She has won many awards for her poetry including Best Spiritual Poetry award from Her first book, My Walk with Jesus, received this award and began her journey toward fulfillment as a Style Tutor now on the Alliance of Poets. All of her books except the first book were published by


  1. Thank you Karen for posting this on your site. It was a pleasure to write something I felt would be nice to share with others... God bless

  2. Dear Christina,

    Thank you for all the kind comments for others and for sharing your poem with Whispers. It is good to have you a part of this community. Wishing you the best with all your writing endeavors. Blessings to you.


  3. Thank you, Christine Tate, for the following comment--

    I enjoyed your inspiring poem. Nature truly reveals God's signature which is undeniable proof of His existence. Wonderful writing! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you Christine Tate for the lovely review of my work. I am very happy you enjoyed it.... God bless

  5. Nature's Glory, indeed! Beautiful visual Christina, as always a joy to read you. Your words gives one inspiration and are a soothing comfort to one's heart...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  6. Thank you, John Williams, for the following comment--

    Enjoyed "Nature's Glory": Your work is beautifully filled with heartfelt joys and thankfulness for God's unlimited gifts. Thanks.