Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time Out--By Helen Dowd--Canada

Time Out

Have you not seen how peacefully the fish swim in a pond?
Or watched a bird soar oh, so high, free in its world beyond?
Have you not studied how a cloud drifts gently in the sky?
Or watched a seagull on a wave glide silently on by?
If not, then take a minute from your busy life to see
how things in nature seem to flow. They happen just to BE.

Just take time out to have a look. Observe the world anew.
Become as little children. Inspect their point of view.
A little girl will pack a flower, or watch an ant pass by.
A little boy will hold a frog, and look him in the eye.
To children everything is fresh. It's something grand and new.
So do take time to see God's world as little people do.

Helen Dowd enjoys spending time at her computer, along side her husband of 55 years, writing poetry, story poems, stories about pets and life in general, as well as inspirational and Bible stories. She is a caregiver for her husband and sister, two dogs, three cats and 2 Oranda fish…Email address:


  1. Hello, Helen. Your poem brought me back to the joy of summer in my youth. What a delight to read it! God bless you. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  2. Dear Helen -

    How delightful your poem. Through the eyes of children is an appreciation it's hard to recapture. Sounds like you have it. Lovely poem.


  3. Just observe. Beauty lies every where. Thanks Helen for an uplifting thought.

  4. Hi Helen,

    Hmm... lol! I actually do this! Nature is my second home and I enjoy it every chance I get. I enjoyed how you put it into words very nicely written and finding that peace and joy in nature is indeed a blessing.