Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Leap of Faith--By Chen-ou Liu--Canada

Leap of Faith
(a solo somonka for Søren Kierkegaard)

among shadows
in this attic room
I hear
years of lonely nights
stacked against my mind

the waves
lapping against my feet ...
am I afraid
to say a final farewell
to this sunny world

Chen-ou Liu is the author of four books, including Following the Moon to the Maple Land (First Prize Winner of the 2011 Haiku Pix Chapbook Contest). His tanka and haiku have been honored with many awards. To read more of his poems, please go to Poetry in the Moment, http://chenouliu.blogspot.com/


  1. A very nicely-written poetic poem. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks Chen. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)

  2. This poem has been a delight to read, Chen. Goodbyes are never easy, especially the final one! // paul

  3. Your final Tanka was written with high skill. I really enjoyed reading these incredible poems here this evening. What beautiful words you have chosen for your pieces. Great work!

  4. Leap of faith! Enjoyed its expressionism. Its a nice one. Comes from the heart.

  5. I really enjoyed your work Chen!

  6. I cherish a static sanctuary... Well, I did, back in the day, but they are all gone from me now, except in memory.

  7. Enjoyed your verses. Keep posting. Ralph

  8. Chen,
    a nice combination of tanka here!

  9. Your poem leaves us with words to ponder Chen. Very nicely conveyed! Aloha, Connie