Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Waiting--By Rohini Gupta--India


The windows stay shut
against the chill
the cats are fluffed and hunched
waiting for the clatter of their bowls

summer is forgetful
a thin winter lingers

but everything
carried by parrot screech
and seagull wing
is moving silently
with a slow green grace
to spring

Rohini Gupta lives in Mumbai, India and writes poetry, haiku, fiction and nonfiction. She had published books of poetry and nonfiction and her collection of flash fiction will be out soon.


  1. Rohini Gupta, I am delighted to have discovered this poem! The images are absolutely gorgeous! I'm sharing this one with friends. -- Laura M Kaminski

  2. Wow, this is a very enlightening poem. You sure expressed your innermost thoughts wit grace and skill. I really loved reading this tremendous piece, great work!

  3. The clatter of the bowls, for me, is like the summoning of the season. The poem builds beautifully. I so like this piece, and look forward to some more. Best wishes Ralph.

  4. Thank you for carrying my poem and thank you for all the lovely comments. This really is a great community.

  5. Rohini,
    I liked this! It is simply beautiful!
    David Fox

  6. This is simply wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  7. Enchanting, simply enchanting Rohini! I adored your line....summer is forgetful
    a thin winter lingers....what a lovely way to express that summer is late! I adored this poem! Aloha, Connie