Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Yancy and Diana Dalton--United States

No Reason, No Rhyme

By Yancy and Diana Dalton

Syllable count, a word treason
Veiled mystery beyond reason
Man made trumped up rules
Shows us as complete fools

Counting what ears don't detect
To our eyes, it has same effect
Hum-bl-ing or hum-bling us down
Until we wear a puzzling frown

Good writers simply do not agree
Adding to this man made mystery
This makes us an-gr-y or an-gry
Depends on what we hear or see

Intelligent beings trained in stride
Rules of complexity, non can abide
Nothing can be labeled as the truth
That none a-gree or agree is proof

It is our opinion, man is outsmarted
With rules to make us downhearted
We like to abide by the game rules
Syllable counts has no exact tools

We grasp, writing in solid darkness
Finding syllable count to us useless
Some think Syllable count is easy
We find their non agreements teasy


  1. I absolutely loved it. Isn't it true, every rule has another to break that one. It could drive one crazy. Thanks for sharing your super collaborative poem with us here on whispers.

  2. 'Let it flow' is the golden rule!

  3. Good day to both of you!! Enjoyable witty write:) First rule: write. Second rule: read again. Third rule: Check syllable count. Fourth: Never massacre a poem for syl's sake. Thanks for sharing! // paul

    1. Indeed! A round of applause for Paul's analysis as well!

  4. Great collaboration here, guys! I think Americans on the whole have become lax in their editing skills. Could have a lot to do with the texting thing and those sometimes insulting abbreviations. All those errors one witnesses in those news ticker streams is ludicrous, insulting and ridiculous! Happens too many times. The definitions of "too" and "to" for example - some have NO clue! A pleasure to comment for you on this super collaboration! Sheri /

    1. Thank you Sheri for your reply. English was my weakest subject dyslexic tendency. Dissecting sentences was a nightmare

  5. Yancy and Diana, congratulations on being the first husband and wife collaboration team here at Whispers. I thoroughly enjoyed "No Reason, No Rhyme." From the opening verse to the very end, it is filled with enjoyable information. Very well written. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  6. Thank you, Margaret Goff, for the following--

    Please send Yancy and Diana my congratulations.

  7. Dear Diana and Yancy, you wrote so well of a subject that has created quite a stir among poets. How many syllables are in "surreal"? I thought three and the dictionary agreed, but friends from three different countries all said, "Two." I was judging a contest and a syllable count is part of the limerick form, but I just decided to let go. People from England often say necessary as three syllables (ne ce sry), while here in the states we give it four. Let go, folks! We have to allow for individual differences, especially on international sites.

    You hit the proverbial "nail on the head" with this awesome poem. Bravo!

    Love and blessings,

    1. Thank you carolyn for you insightful reply

  8. I totally agree, you two; I have never paid attention to what I've been told. I just feel into writing in the scheme I do and sometimes, without conscious thought a rhyming poem refuses to come and I write in free verse. I don't care. To me writing is the putting down of thoughts and I enjoy every genre.

  9. Hmm, Clancy and Diana the two of you are no rhyme or reason yourselves! lol. But somehow you also fit together perfectly and I love you both! So for no rhyme or reason I love, love, love this poem! Love Jane

  10. Thank you, Connie Marcum Wong, for the following--

    How wonderful to be able to create a poem with your mate Yancy and Diana. Congratulations on this challenging endeavor. Syllable count is often what gives poets the most challenges. Your witty, clever

    expressions convey that very well in this delightful write. Aloha, Connie