Friday, September 19, 2014

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Beth Winchcombe and Jack Horne--England

What Would I be Without You?

By Beth Winchcombe and Jack Horne

What would I be without you?
You're my whole being and best friend,
there for me to turn to,
someone beside me to life's end!

I know, at times, I may not show how much
I value you and truly care,
And so I thought I'd write this piece to say
I'm glad that you are always there.

I found you many years ago.
Were you sent from heaven above?
But do you REALLY know...
...WHEN our friendship blossomed into love?

It's hard recalling life before we met;
We're almost family, I feel.
My world's a better place with you around -
So good to have a friend who's real.

You've become the family member I never had.
You cheer me up when I feel blue.
You make me happy when I feel sad.
Always there for me – I'm always here for you!

And if some day I find Aladdin's lamp,
I'll make a solemn wish, it's true,
That everyone in all the world is blessed
To have a loving friend like you!


  1. A super collab my friends. It is a great subject to expound upon, too, given that sometimes we take friends and family for granted! Excellent! I say! Sheri /

  2. Oh how very beautiful Beth and Jack. Your collaboration is superb. Better yet are your wonderful thoughts on friendship. I loved the poem and thank you for sharing your great talents.
    Love, Charlene

  3. I have witness couples exchanging vows, who did not display this much mutual devotion... A brilliant dual declaration!

  4. This is very lovely, Jack and Beth! So many times we don't show enough gratitude to our true friends.... this is beautifully written. Love always, xxx Audrey

  5. A wonderful expression of the warmth and value of friendship!

  6. A beautiful depiction of the value of friendship. Best wishes!

  7. Beth and Jack,
    Congratulations on your spectacular collaboration on friendship.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  8. This is a touching and lovely collaboration; true friendship is not easy to come by...when it does we must make sure that we treasure and look after it. Thank you Beth and Jack for bringing this write to our attention. // paul

  9. Jack and Beth, friendship is worth more than anything else in the world! Great collaboration!

  10. Thank you, David Austin, for the following--

    Congrats to Beth and Jack on this perfect poem = the complete couple comes through. Love, Dave

  11. Congratulations Beth and Jack. Nice work. Splendid work. I really enjoyed your poem. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  12. Thanks very much for all your kind comments

  13. Thank you, Beth Winchcombe, for the following--

    Many thanks to everyone for their lovely comments on Jack and myself's collaborative poem. You're all very kind and it's much appreciated.'

    Best wishes,