Saturday, September 27, 2014

Two Tutus, Too --By Joe Flach--United States

Two Tutus, Too

Two tutus, too
Laying on the ground
Ballet slippers strewn all around
One complete wall with mirrored glass
Chattering girls waiting dismissal of class.

A gaggle of Moms waiting patiently
Knitting and needlepoint surrounding me
The one lone island of masculinity
That rare father with custody.

I smile at my ballerina and she smiles back at me
We’ve been on our own ever since she was three
I just love being her Daddy
And don’t mind the role of also being Mommy.

We stay a little longer at the end of class
She shows me her plies in the looking glass
She smiles at my reflection and says, “I love you”
We pack up her slippers and the
Two tutus, too.

Joe Flach is an amateur poet living in Gig Harbor, WA. Joe has been writing poetry, short stories and song lyrics his entire life but has only recently found the courage to share some of his work with others through internet websites and his own Poetry Facebook Page – “Poems, Lyrics and Stuff by an Average Joe”. As a professional consultant working in the fields of crisis management and disaster recovery, Joe uses has writing as a form of stress release and an opportunity to expand his horizons. Joe is a father of four children who he often relies on as a source for inspiration.


  1. How cool this poem is! It must be such a cherished moment for you in your mind, heart and soul! I love the depth and sweet emotion within this poem. Beautiful! Sheri

  2. Joe: This really is a sweet poem. I enjoyed the emotional layers that you conveyed with soft images.

  3. Lovely I enjoy the thought reminds me of my youth

  4. Nice "thinking" poem, Joe. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  5. I really enjoyed your poem Joe. Such love you convey for that daughter. Amateur poet or not the sweet emotions I felt while reading this poem made me feel you are a "professional" at being a super Dad.
    Sincerely, Charlene

  6. Hi Joe. I enjoyed your heartfelt poem. I remember my dad twirling me around after my ballet recital. He was so proud of me, as was my mom, & I was so elated that they were cheering me on. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts! ~Chris