Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Potter's Hand--By Colan L Hiatt--United States

The Potter's Hand

That lump of clay ~ what worth is it
Why let it linger there
"No value could it have to give”
I cried out in despair

Ere I did toss it from my view
Two hands I saw reach down
And snatch it from the hopeless doom
To which so surely it was bound

A Potter's hands ~ it was you see
That did so graceful mold
That which I would have cast aside
Into an art ~ with wealth untold

How oft a life debauched and marred
Is looked upon with scorn
And rendered bare by those about
Until through love, it is reborn

With mirth and joy and peace instilled
I’ve seen them made to stand
A work of grace for all to see
This product of : “The Potter's Hands

Colan Hiatt resides in Mt. Airy, NC. with his wife. A retired electronic technician, he has been writing for several years. Most all the poetry, is derived from observing "down-to-earth" events that occur around us. A personal "mini-story" is often associated with the majority of compositions. Usually a metaphor is found with spiritual implications that portray God as the ultimate solution to life's problems. To direct the reader to this "Source", is the desired goal.


  1. I felt every word of this fine poem... Just call it a case of spirits bearing witness.

  2. Colan, I really could feel the beautiful spirit of this poem so well written Thank you for sharing your talent with us here on Whispers. The poem was a joy for me to read.

  3. The "Potter's Hand" as expressed by the Poet's Hand!

  4. Colan, your poem is beautiful, inspiring and so creatively written! Love it! Sheri

  5. Hi Colan. I enjoyed "The Potter's Hand." Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (