Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Glass Sea--By David Williams--England

The Glass Sea

The tide stroked at my toes.
It reminded me how… gentle
Your touch used to be.

A gilded sun enveloped the glass sea,
Glistening; the way your
Eyes lit a darkened room.


Semi-translucent images
Come and go on a waning tide
Ebbing as only life itself can
To remind me that tomorrow
There will be no kiss…

David Williams was born in England and has resided there all of his life. He started writing poetry at the tender age of 14. He was encouraged to enter a local school poetry contest and went on to win it. In later life, he joined many local poetry groups and writers circles, eventually becoming chairman. He has had 9 poetry books published and is collating material for two more books which will hopefully be out later this year. He holds workshops to help and encourage writers to understand the many different forms of poetry. He has won many contests and is also a recognised poetry judge.


  1. Oh David what a wonderful write. I could picture your description of the Glass Sea vividly and feel the forlornness of the ending words. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  2. You have amazed me yet again by this charming write my friend. I really enjoyed reading this tender poem this evening. I loved this piece, great work,


  3. Thanks for this one, David -- "To remind me that tomorrow there will be no kiss...." is the kind of endless evocation that I strive for, you filled my mind

  4. Thanks David for the wonderful poem. I enjoyed it. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  5. Thanks David for sharing the poem. I enjoyed the style.

    Andrew Ntchindi Jere - Malawi