Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wordy Wilds of Nyika National Park--By Wabweka--Malawi

Wordy Wilds of Nyika National Park

In this jungle I’ve been
Hills and valleys I’ve seen
Zebras, blacks and whites
A flower bed of beasts, sights and bites
And life is living and dying

They call it a wilderness safari like no other
Rowdy loneliness away from any buzzer
In woodlands and grasslands, fast or slow
Captivating creatures, big and small
And life is an adventure roughly smooth

Whispering in her sprawling solitude
A lost Paradise on foggy attitude
A roaring ride in dust, up and down
Escaping hard and heavy crosses of hometown
And living is a mix of burdens, beasts and feasts

Waking up to cheery game on the doorstep, Eden lives on
Moans and perfumes of marauding flowers embracing lovebirds
As elephants mount guards of honour—big, brownish and beautiful
Antelopes slashing grass—slim, stout and awfully plentiful
Such is another world in thieving Malawi—rotting, crying and dying

Wabweka is a Malawian journalist and protest poet writing to express himself differently. He believes poetry does not only mirror our world as it is today but also as we want it to be when his daughter Tiwonge grows up to think about her children and their children.


  1. Wabweka,
    This is an absolutely brilliant poem! I loved every word of it. Welcome to Whispers!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  2. Wabweka, welcome to Whispers! Your poem drew me in from beginning to end. It is the kind of poem that makes you feel you have been given a gift. I hope you continue to share such welcome gifts here. I will be here delighted to receive them. Blessings and Aloha, Connie

  3. You have a special talent with this incredible poem here. I really enjoyed reading your lovely jungle inspired piece. Thank you for selecting this poem to present to us here on Whispers. Great work,