Saturday, December 26, 2015

White Christmas--By Jan Allison--United Kingdom

White Christmas

My thoughts drift back to my childhood days
Of so many years ago
All the family gathered by a roaring fire
Whilst outside glistens with sparkling snow

We had such fun making snow angels and snowmen
Our little frozen fingers and rosy faces were aglow
Memories of Christmas now firmly in the past
I look back on happy days of so long ago

Our Christmas tree was draped with tiny twinkling lights,
Bright baubles, tinsel and candy canes just for our delight
Oh how the years have flown by so fast
Sadly, like the snowflakes our childhood days don’t last

I scan the list of Christmas cards that I’ve got to write
Each year it grows shorter, with loved ones we now miss
I dream of turning back the clock and returning to the past
My memories of Christmas are ones I hope will always last

Jan Allison is a relative newcomer to poetry. She didn’t start writing poetry until her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery at the end of 2013. She wrote her first poem ‘Splendid Isolation’ whilst he was in hospital. Since then has discovered a love of poetry and has written over 500 poems. Jan also wrote collaboratively with her writing partner Darren Watson under the name Jadazzle United.


  1. Welcome to Whispers, Jan. Your poem is a lovely walk down memory lane. Christmas does change through the years as to rituals. But it is still a time of happiness isn't it? And has left us with a certain warmth and comfort from our childhoods.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Jan, I read your poem and it resonated with recent thoughts. However, the fact we can still recall that magic we felt as children could mean we still carry some magic with us today. No matter how short your list of cards you write there are many more who, if they could speak, would also send their warm thoughts to you as I do.

  3. Jan,
    Welcome to Whispers! I was a little depressed there was no snow in New York (USA) this year. I loved your poem though; it is so much fun to remember the old days.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  4. Hi Jan: Nice to see you here on Whispers.. Welcome. Your poem is touched with a nostalgia we can all relate to. A time for remembering as well as celebrating, Thanks for sharing your writing. SuZ

  5. It does leave one sad when friends pass that one has had for many years. I lost two dear friends this past year and that is the hardest part of growing older...losing friends. I still find joy in memories and feel I will see them again one day.
    I enjoyed your lovely poem very much Jan. Blessings for a wonderful New Year my friend. Aloha, Connie