Sunday, November 3, 2013

Imagination--By Jan Oskar Hansen--Portugal


Pre down borealis that had flashed through
the dark blue night sky had disappeared.

A light at the ridge a few stray sunrays lit
up the valley and the mist of mystery was
slowly dissipating, in the clearing I saw
a flock of wisents and a few red deer.

The animals stood still as listening for a sign
or a message of some kind.

A twig of an oak broke it sounded
like rifle shot but the beasts knew better
and began grazing.

Animals of the grassland had retreated
man had taken over ploughing the fertile soil
into fields of wheat.

It was day now and pearls on leaves dried.

When the mammals saw me they quickly,
as shadows of the unseen, vanished
into a landscape of dreams.

Jan Oskar Hansen is a published poet from Portugal.


  1. Hello Jan. Nice artistic poem. Well written and excellent descriptions. -MJ

  2. Hi Jan, I loved your description of the animals grazing and playing. Nice touch with the sound of the fallen branch -- we might have thought it was a gunshot, but the animals knew better. Indeed, I think animals have better instincts. Enjoyed this one! Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  3. Jan, thanks for a reminder of things my dear husband tells me about the deer after having been in the woods taking pictures. His love of the outdoors and wildlife are reflected for me in this poem. Thank you for sharing it.
    I loved it. Charlene

  4. How beautiful, dear Jan. "as shadows of the unseen, vanished
    into a landscape of dreams." "Imagination" has such a gentle touch and such intelligent deer, as well, although it still hints of man overtaking natural habitat.

    "mist of mystery was
    slowly dissipating"

    another calming string.


  5. Great visual - putting ones mind right there in the scene. Very creative...

    Rhoda Galgiani