Friday, November 8, 2013

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Robert Hewett Sr. and Alice Stevens--United States

Dreams Flowing Through My Mind

Robert Hewett Sr. and Alice Stevens

My dream was filled with love and happiness
My strong heart quickening its rapid pace !!
picturing you in that bright yellow dress
I awoke with a smile on my bearded face.

Sipping coffee in the clear morning light
I thought of the man I dreamed of last night
He was my Shining Knight with eyes of blue
I prayed, "Dear God let this one dream come true !!”

I know she is waiting out there somewhere
Dreaming nightly, daydreaming daily there
Waiting for her Knight to appear in life
On his big white horse to take her for his wife !!

All day long I thought of my Shining Knight,
And hoped I would see him in clear daylight
Charging in on his steed to sweep me away
In his arms for ever and ever to stay !!

In early dawn I cantered down a flowery pathway
Lo!! In chorus the flowers and birds had this to say.
Open your eyes and your dream girl you will see
Gathering fresh flowers on bended knee !!

At a large bird bath with tracks leading that way,
I heard my feathered songsters say
It is here you’ll find your Shining Knight

Each day as morning sheds the night.


  1. Dear Robert and Alice,

    A well written collaboration that flows beautifully! Wonderful thoughts from both of you on dreams of longing to find that special person to spend your life with. Congratulations on being featured.

    Sandra Stefanowich

  2. Hello Robert and Alice,
    I loved the dreamy quality of your write. Many women still long to meet their shining knight. Perhaps if they took more time to enjoy the beauty of nature, they would not have such a sense of longing. Very nicely done! I agree with Sandra about the flow. Congratulations on your featured co-write. Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  3. Dear Alice and Robert:

    Under our noses, it is there. If only our armor comes down and allows beauty in, then we are ready to see "it" whatever or whoever "it" may be.

    Beautiful smooth collaboration, like a poetic conversation.


  4. Dear Alice and Robert,

    ah sweet prince might be a bird in the hand. if our armor comes down and we stop dreaming, the knight appears in whatever form. Such smooth collaboration, like fine conversation.


  5. Robert and Alice,

    Thank you for the sweet collaboration. It is a fun and creative poem that is warm to read. Continued blessings to each of you.


  6. Thanks, all of you for your wonderful review comments. We wish a blessed Holiday season for all of you and yours.

  7. Just loved your collaboration. Well written and it flowed right into my heart. Thank you for such warm feelings your words brought to me. I really enjoyed the read.

    1. Thanks Charlene for your very nice comment. Oh behalf Alice and myself we appreciate your approval. Bob

  8. Hi there Alice/Robert, what a pleasure to stumble on this little treasure. A beautiful picture/story unfolding as the eye drawing pace leads the reader through what is a wonderful collaboration that works really well. Glad to have found this, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Anaisnais, Alice and I appreciate your very warm approving comment. I will try to read something for you. Bob

  9. This is awesome! Excellent team effort! Both "voices" go together quite nicely. Your individual styles complement each other in a natural way.

  10. Thank you very much Poppy for this wonderful comment, we appreciate your feedback. Bob