Friday, November 1, 2013

The Voice of the Trees--By John Henson--England

The Voice of the Trees

Come now o man of the worldly mind
Hear the voice of the wind in the trees
See what deep wisdom you may find
Gifted with treasures such as these

The words that rustle through the leaves
With the tales of life they have to tell
Whispered under the green forest eaves
Enchanting all of life with their spell

You have left your family estranged
No longer knowing the gift of tongues
On plains of mammon you have ranged
Seeing not how great are your wrongs

Turn back and learn the words that they speak
The words of your brothers of the land and seas
For in it lies the ancient wisdom that you seek
Whispered in the gentle voice of the trees

For know o man that all of life is one
And the words of ancient wisdom abide
That peace on earth shall not come
Until all of life walks side by side

John Henson was born in the small mining town of Bolsover in Derbyshire, England and educated at Welbeck Road School for Boys and Bournemouth University. He is a graphic designer, illustrator and sculptor. He writes poetry and prose. Four books of his poetry are in publication, and a book of his pencil illustrations is forthcoming.


  1. This poem is so well written and it touches me heart so deeply that it immediately transported me outside to a place beneath the trees. This is a place where I get my greatest inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  2. John, I have come to enjoy your poetry so much that I had to read this as soon as I saw it listed. We seem to be of a similar mindset. If only man could learn to live in harmony with both nature and his fellow humans, we would have a more compassionate and peaceful world. You are an incredible writer and I have mentioned that to several others on this site. Amazing as always! Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  3. John, wonderful illustrations in your poem. I love when the trees talk. There is much to hear if one will just listen. Thanks again. -MJ

  4. John, thank you so much for such a wonderful message and how well you wrapped up the whole of the 'story" . Thank you so much for letting us hear the words that all nature would speak if we were just to hear.

  5. Dear John -

    Awe inspiring! We must understand we are part of a continuum to know what life is. The "gone" are not "gone" and have taught us if only we could listen to the past and learn. Oh for human harmony. When has it been and when will it be.

    An absolute beauty, this poem.


  6. John always a pleasure reading your wonderful poetry. Keep your expressive pen flowing...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  7. what I feel as I read your wonderful poem, John... There's truth in your words...all of nature speaks to us...if we'd only take the time to listen... Great job!

  8. A very good poem, John. By writing about trees, you have given a glowing tribute to Nature. Trees/Nature need to be protected, if we are to live. Such poems need to be taught to our children in the schools, so that they learn to respect nature. Warm regards.