Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Beth Winchcombe and Jack Horne--England


By Beth Winchcombe and Jack Horne

Why do opposites attract
Like me and you
They do
Warts and all
Curiosity and admiration
Yearning to be like you
Jack loves Shakespeare
In his laid back way
If he was Romeo
Could I be his Juliet
I like Robbie Burns
I love red roses
I’m a romanticist
My love has depth
Like the deep blue ocean
Not shallow as in a saucer
I no longer collect valuables
Friends are more precious
With age comes wisdom
Or is it second childhood

Yes, we’re opposites
North and South
Yin and Yen
Differences fascinate
How boring if everyone was like me
A world without colour
Greyness with no black or white
No darkness or light
Like a stew without seasoning
But in that state of sameness
Uniform blandness
Some uniqueness would surely grow
White roses and red
May the bouquet of our friendship
Be forever fragrant.


  1. good stuff!! beth and jack!!
    the 4th line catapulted me the rest of the way!!
    my inmediate laugh almost made me fall into the computer screen(LOL)!!

    you two should write more together.
    arthur c. ford,sr.,poet/editor

  2. Jack and Beth, your collaborative poem is wonderful. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for your efforts that made a hit with me. I especially like these two lines:
    I no longer collect valuables
    Friends are more precious. My sentiments exactly.
    Love, Charlene

  3. Awesome collaboration Beth and Jack. I really enjoyed the reminder of how opposites sometimes attract. Blessings to you both! -MJ

  4. Dear Arthur, Charlene, and Maurice,

    Jack and Beth would like to thank you for these comments. I appreciate your willingness to encourage others. What a blessing you are.


  5. Beth and Jack -

    'Like a stew without seasoning'! What a line. You two are more like beef bourguignon, not everyday stew. Great collaboration. I'm still trying to figure out who wrote which lines. The fact that I can't speaks to your flawless meld.


  6. Beth would like to thank everyone for your kind comments. What a blessing to have this poem to share. Glad you are enjoying it.


  7. Dear Jack and Beth, What a wonderful collaboration. You appear to know each other quite well. Great work! Love, Carolyn Devonshire