Friday, March 18, 2016

Gaze and Rain--By Ndongolera C. Mwangupili--Malawi

Gaze and Rain

Eyes gaze
north… up north
I ponder and wonder
… then I sigh.

… Then it rained
and heavily,
though briefly.

The gaze and the rain
bite the skin,
the skin of the poor,
yet still hope glows in them.

Ndongolera C. Mwangupili works as a Senior Inspector of Schools in Malawi. He has vast experience as a teacher of English and Bible Knowledge. Many of his short stories, poems and essays have been published in the Malawi News and Weekend Nation. His stories are anthologized in Modern Stories from Malawi and The Bachelor of Chikanda and Other Stories. His poem “The Genesis” was anthologized in The Time Traveller of Maravi: New Poetry from Malawi. His other poem “Letters to a Comrade” is published online in India on He believes that there is a thin line between fiction and reality. All that people write is a re-creation of what is already known to the writer and exists not only in the mind of the writer but also outside the writer, therefore, fiction is actually facts written as if they are not facts. He is married to Angella, and they have two daughters Mary Magdalena and Princess Cleopatra.


  1. I like this poem very much! Also, your theory about fiction is extremely interesting. Look forward to seeing more from you!

  2. Chris,this is an interesting poem written with wit and care.

  3. I agree. This is an intriguing poem indeed. I like how each stanza stands alone yet complements the others.