Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Listen--By Richard Carl Subber--United States


Surf sounds, the singing of the sea,
the breaking rollers,
mellowed crunch of wave on wave,
the drumroll of eternal tides.

There is no silent sea, we think….

….consider a sheltered beach,
in the lee of a baffling sand bar,
sea-spawned shoal,
mediator for sea and shore,
muffler of the surf,
tamper of the bursting breakers,
damper of the singing of the sea,
guardian of truth about
the vastly silent blue water.

Richard Carl Subber is a freelance editor, a writing coach and a historian. He’s a former newspaper reporter/editor who now indulges his love of the right words in more satisfying ways. Rick is a proud grandpa who is teaching his granddaughter to read and write, in case there is poetry in her future. His poetry has been accepted for publication in The Australia Times Poetry Magazine, miller’s pond poetry magazine, Northern Stars and elsewhere. His blog is:


  1. Clear, concise meanderings of a visionary, a winner in every regard. This makes me long for a shoreline.

  2. Richard,
    Your poem makes me wish I lived on s water's edge. I am a new subscriber to Northern Stars and enjoy your poetry in it. I have also enjoyed your work in Creative Inspirations. You are truly talented.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  3. Thanks, Maureen, Michael, David -- it's a delight to please fellow poets, you remind me that we may write to please ourselves but we publish because sharing is glow time....