Friday, March 25, 2016

Limerick--By Charlene McCutcheon--United States

There once was a fat lady named Suzie.
Her new eating habit was a doozy;
stopped eating altogether,
became light as a feather,
flaunted herself and died a real floozy.

Charlene McCutcheon is a 73 year old, wife, mother of seven, grandmother of thirty and great-grandmother of 14. She has just discovered her voice through poetry within the last few years. Her former ways of expression have been through the media of arts and crafts. Her desire to share herself with others for their benefit has been the motivating factor in all her endeavors. She loves life, work, play and most of all people. 


  1. Nothing surpasses a great humorous limerick, and this one is prime.
    Thanks for the Friday smile, Charlene.

    1. Thank you Michael. I find myself needing a laugh once in a while and find that a "good humorous limerick" does the job for me too. I haven't tried my hand at one for some time now and glad I did. Life can get too serious otherwise

    2. Charlene,
      Limericks can be a lot of fun, like this one. Their Irish descent makes it especially apt for the month of March. Great job!
      Your friend,
      David Fox

    3. Thank you David, I surely do appreciate your comment. I am rather a greeny behind the ears when it comes to writing Limericks.

  2. I enjoyed this cute Limerick Charlene. It takes talent to come up with the humor needed. I just can't seem to write one. You did really well. Cheers, Connie

  3. I never doubted that you had a lovely witty side to you, Charlene, and this lovely limerick goes to prove it! Well done! Regards ~ paul