Sunday, October 6, 2013

Endless Flight--By Erich J. Goller--United States

Endless Flight

Words of comfort and courage
Blessed with love and wisdom
Deep longings hidden within
It challenges each deed with encouragement

When the soul is privileged
With everlasting beauty
In its timeless, endless flight
It strengthens my faith and redeems belief

Erich J. Goller was born in Vienna, Austria. A close world war two survivor, in 1955, he immigrated to California, where he made his living as a mechanic and as an actor. He been married for 56 years, has one daughter and one son. He is a published author of seven books. He now resides In Nashville, Tennessee, still loves to write, also enjoys doing art work. His web site,

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  1. Thank you Erich! Sounds to me like you have experienced love and wisdom deep down. Those virtues are privileges of the soul for sure and beautiful.