Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Fright--By Robert Hewett Sr.--United States

Halloween Fright

Dressed as Superman ready to fly,
told my mom “just standby”.
Went up the steps all alone,
rang the doorbell, heard a moan.
A cackling sound off to my right,
a Witch on a broom in my sight.
Cape flowing and hand of claws,
reaching for me, trailing gauze.
I cannot move, frozen stiff,
eyes wide, my heart makes a skip.
Off to my left I hear a growl,
a fury monster on the prowl.
My feet came free, I started to howl,
my lungs bellowing behind my scowl.
Down the steps, a blur in sight,
passed my mom like a streak of light.
Home is where I want to be.
at age four, Halloween is not for me.

Robert Hewett Sr. was born in 1933 on a Texas cotton farm. He moved to Oklahoma City at Age 14 and entered the U. S Army from there in 1953. Robert has been writing poetry and short stories for his family and himself since his teen years, but is just now publishing his collection of works. His hobbies include writing poetry and stories; clock and watch collections; gardening and growing flowers and shrubs from cuttings. Most of his poetry tells a story, a gift from his father who was a master story teller. He has received numerous awards for his work in his professional life and for his writing. You can find some of his writings at ""


  1. Dear Robert -

    Now this is scary and I'm a lot older than four. Love your perfect meter and rhyme. This was a pleasure to read.


    1. Thank you Karen I used to love scaring the kids and playing harmless jokes at Halloween.

  2. Super cute and true - reminding me of what Halloween use to be years ago with all the little ones going out to Trick or Treat! Nice reading...

    Rhoda Galgiani

    1. Thanks Rhoda and I enjoyed your ode to Karen the spellchecker. I know just how you feel.

  3. Hi Robert, what wonderful memories you brought back to me with your delightful Halloween poem. As a young homeowner I used to dress up like a witch, cackle like the witch in Wizard of Oz and most of the children would run away screaming. When I was a child, I loved Halloween. Thanks for reminding me how much fun this holiday can be. Best wishes, Carolyn

  4. Hi Carolyn, thanks for the wonderful comment

  5. Dear Robert,

    Thank you for all the comments you left for other writers today. Encouraging people like you make Whispers possible.


  6. Thank you, Jack Clubb, for the following comment--

    I really enjoyed this poem. The rhythm and rhyme make it memorable. Well done!

  7. Robert,

    This is absolutely delightful. I was mesmerized and totally in the story of it. I remember just such feelings myself and have seen them in my own daughters and in my grandson.