Monday, October 14, 2013

The Next Level--By Charlotte Ann Zuzak--United States

The Next Level

I dislike the term "senior citizen."
still can't decide at what age that happened;
I cringe when I read of social events
where youthful choirs sing at "old folk homes"
for our "golden agers."
I can't stand the ads for scooter chairs,
I'm still on the treadmill at the Y
pumping my legs which still can move,
no hip or knee replacement.
I don't go to Florida, preferring four seasons
and I love a hard snowstorm
with knitting and reading.
I still can drive, my sight is good
corrected with contacts since I was a girl.
I'm a widow and survivor of breast cancer,
the future is mine for however long.
Next month I travel to Europe,
nothing will stop me, I turn a new page.

Charlotte Ann Zuzak received her BA degree from Albion College and her MA from the University of Michigan in foreign languages. She taught Spanish for several years on both the high school and college levels. She has always been involved with music, namely piano and organ. Charlotte worked with voice students as an accompanist, and also as a church organist. She has been involved in writing starting in grade school when she wrote short stories and poetry. After she quit teaching she returned to her love of writing. With her husband, a retired university dean, she has traveled extensively in Europe, Russia and the United States. Charlotte and her husband have a daughter who is a medical doctor in Bethesda, Maryland.


  1. "the future is mine for however long" -these are apt words. l like this expression because it punctuates the whole poem with a sense of positivity and abundance. An inspirational poem that defies people`s labels.

  2. I am with Ndaba. I really like the positive note at the end. I am a senior citizen and just celebrated my 74th birthday, I just turned a new page too. No getting older here for me either. I plan to LIVE tell I die. Thanks for confirmation of my new mind set.

  3. So many seniors feel as you do about being a 'senior'. I just turned 72 and love being a 'senior' as I turn the new page of my life also. I just bought a new Treadmill for my birthday present as I am rearing to go also, but more closer to home. But, I still love asking for those 'senior discounts' wherever I go. The fact that you are turning your page also, I simply go girl!!!

    Rhoda Galgiani