Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Threads of Time--By Patricia Nolan--United States

Threads of Time
(A Haiku Sequence)

October pond
one red leaf floats

chilies roast
as the season turns
kaleidoscope scents

wrinkled face
maps life's journey
crinkled aspen gold

rabbit in the rose hips
may I share some berries
for tea?

fisherman silhouetted
in slant sun rays casting
over and over

Patricia Nolan is a member of Poetry West in Colorado Springs and the Haiku Society of America. She paints sumi-e (Japanese ink painting), also works in oil, pastel, and acrylic and writes poems in several Asian forms, as well as other poetry, essays, and outdoor articles. Western rivers, mountains, and trails provide most of her inspiration.


  1. Hi Pat, I really enjoyed the haiku, especially the lines "wrinkled face maps life's journey crinkled aspen gold." Love the way you described how our lives are captured in the wrinkles. Makes one feel better about aging. Excellent work! Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  2. Dear Pat -

    How can one not love:

    "chilies roast
    as the season turns
    kaleidoscope scents"

    Your haiku are just so picturesque -- all five.


  3. Really beautiful vivid imagery and great writing. so clever. We;; done. best wishes. Peter Dome.