Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Life That Was--By David Williams--England

A Life That Was

A life that no death could ever undo
those cherished moments are frozen in time
deep in nature from that moment I knew
as in ethereal dreams life was sublime

The passing of years can only reveal
an unyielding love for life pure and true
my heart uncloaked will lay silent then kneel
endeavour to cherish sweet love anew

But winter came with a thundering chill
in a deathly push it broke a strong bond
depleting all life discarding at will
and tore at the seams till life did abscond

Memories linger like forgotten dreams
Stitching a heart that was ripped at the seams

David Williams was born in England and has resided there all of his life. He started writing poetry at the tender age of 14. He was encouraged to enter a local school poetry contest and went on to win it. In later life, he joined many local poetry groups and writers circles, eventually becoming chairman. He has had 9 poetry books published and is collating material for two more books which will hopefully be out later this year. He holds workshops to help and encourage writers to understand the many different forms of poetry. He has won many contests and is also a recognised poetry judge.


  1. Moments (and memories) are frozen in time - I have thought of that so many times myself David. Beautiful reading - touching ones gentle side. Wonderful...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  2. Welcome to Whispers David! So glad you have already received a wonderful comment. I hope you enjoy your time spent here. So good to have your well-written sonnet to share with readers.


  3. Memories frozen in time - so apropos. Yet, they, good and bad, so easy to conjure up and reminisce upon........... cool poem! Sheri

  4. Ah memories of Spring and Summer Fall and Winter. Some good memories and some bad ones, but all lying there in our mind to bring out now and then. I enjoyed your poem David, welcome to Whispers. Robert

  5. Dear David -

    Winter came with a thundering chill. -- Gave me goose bumps.


  6. Robert, welcome to Whispers where we as contributors feel so blessed to not only to share our thoughts in poetry but also enjoy others contributions. I loved your poem and the metaphor's of winter ripping at the seams and memories stitching the heart.
    thank you for sharing a well written poem

  7. Deep thoughts of the changes of seasons when I read this piece of poetic brilliance. "Winter came with a thundering chill...." Elegantly put. Nice read. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  8. Thank you, Sara Kendrick, for the following comment--

    If only we could live a life like the first line..I enjoyed reading your work and it reminded me once again that I should not be the center of my universe..

  9. 'memories linger like forgotten dreams...'... love it... Terry