Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Change--By Isha Wagner--New Zealand

The Change

She wears a demure look
Once grey hair now ashen blond
Blue eyes with dramatic lids
Skin of her face in thick lines
Yet she lights up with a
Young girl's smile
And I marvel at the transformation
telling me in excited tones
About a man from the past
who phones every morning
To inquire after her wellbeing
Oh, she's flattered you can tell
We chatter on about books and things
As we sip flat white coffees
In the café with no name

Then we say goodbye
I ask her casually
What's his name, this marvellous man
Well, that's David, my long-lost son
Didn't I tell you that?

Isha Wagner is a New Zealand poet. She has resided in many countries including Iceland, Libya, India, and Australia.  She read some of her work at the VIII International Poetry Festival held in Granada, Nicaragua, in February 2012. She has had three collections of poetry published.


  1. I love this. wonderfully observed. Cafe with no name.....poetry out of nowhere....warm regards Ralph.

  2. You achieved an Alfred Hitchcock ending with great skill and leave the reader smiling.
    Wonderfully constructed. Robert

  3. Gosh Isha - what a surprise! I have a friend who was just in touch with her son, after thirty something years - he had been adopted. He got in touch with her. Loving stories.


    P.S. - I love that aside - "Didn't I tell you"'

  4. Nice poem, Isha. Certainly put a warm smile on my face. It's amazing how sometimes simple "change" can be. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  5. Hello, Isha! Your poem really touched me and the fact that I believe in my heart that women are all so beautiful and with the deepest of souls really touched my heart. How you give your poetic interpretation of the bond of mother and child no matter the time or generation - is magnificent and brilliantly worded! Sheri

  6. Thank you, Connie Marcum Wong, for the following comment--

    I love poetry that catches you off guard by piercing the heart. Your poem accomplishes this beautifully!

    Blessings, Connie

  7. Wow! You really caught me off guard with your fabulous ending to your poetry. Amazing - bringing me to read you again. I am totally touched by your words - maybe because I lost my only Son some years ago. Your words give me a beautiful visual - I am blessed at this very moment to be able to read you. Thank you...

    Rhoda Galgiani