Friday, April 3, 2015

Joy of Spring--By Kala Ramesh--India

Joy of Spring
a sutra* written on mother's day

the bag of water
bursts within me
I am drenched

every two minutes
the pain so excruciating
a labour

white gloved hands
surround me . . . with each
gasp a grasping breath

cervical dilation
I sense a bundle press
for azadi

at corridor's end
my clenched fists release
the joy of spring birth

*sutra means thread in Sanskrit
*azadi - freedom

Previously published--Bottle Rockets # 28, February 2013

Kala Ramesh writes haiku, tanka, senryu, haibun and renku. She has over 1200 verses published in various reputed journals all over the world. As external faculty member of the Symbiosis International University, Kala conducts a 60-hour haiku module for undergraduates. Kala has initiated what she calls the "HaikuWALL India" project, where she gets school children and college students to paint haiku on walls. Kala is also the Modern Haiku Editor for Under the Basho & the Editor of “Youth Corner” for Cattails, a journal from United Haiku & Tanka Society.


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    1. Thanks Joan.
      I'm touched by your words.

  2. Dear Kala,

    Welcome to Whispers! It is good to see you already have one lovely comment on your well-written poem. You are an accomplished and talented writer. Glad to have you a part of our poetry community. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for this warm welcome, Karen

  3. Well done. well expressed.. best wishes Pete.

    1. Thanks a lot, Peter. Happy you liked this sequence :)

  4. Excellent piece, welcome to Whispers Kala!

  5. Hi, Kala, this poem is a beautiful depiction of not only birth, but of many first moments experienced in a lifetime......... very poignant and wonderful to read. Sheri

    1. Thanks Sheri. Very true. I agree with you totally

    2. Thanks Sheri. Very true. I agree with you totally

  6. Kala,
    A great sequence here. I have seen your name appear in just about every website that takes Japanese form poetry. I don't follow the print journals that publish them, as I am not as skilled in that area of writing. It is great to have someone of your stature on this site, I hope you will continue to post so we can see more of your excellent writing.
    Sincerely yours,
    David Fox

    1. David.
      It's nice to be appreciated and thanks a million for your kind words.
      _kala :)

  7. Hello Kala. Welcome to Whispers and thank you for sharing your wonderful poem. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  8. A very insightful poem into life with all its trials and tribulations unforeseen, bringing forth a lasting image of spring. Thank you Kala and welcome! ....Leokadias

    1. Thanks Anielica. Really happy you like this sequence

  9. A vivid and beautiful look at birth in all its wonder. Welcome to Whispers Kala. Aloha, Connie