Thursday, April 9, 2015

Primal Dust Among The Stars--By Ronald Grognet--United States

Primal Dust Among The Stars

When my grandchildren ask,
Where do you go when you finally die?
"To primal dust among the stars.
It’s there I’ll be, in the sky."

As plausible an answer
As any I have heard before
Replaces a heaven too complex,
Fashioned by ancient lore.

Stars are present and ever changing
Drifting about in an infinite space,
Occupying those regions
Our defining forces set in place.

There are those who may ask,
What does religion say about such a plan?
I will be content to answer that.
"Religion left me where I began."

Ronald Grognet is a retired Clinical Psychologist who practiced private individual and family therapy for thirty-five years. He lived and worked in Washington D.C., and Sarasota, FL before retiring in New Orleans to be close to his grandsons. Besides his volunteer time spent on disaster assignments for the Red Cross, he fills his time devoted to haiku poetry. His interest in poetry came as a gift in retirement. Reading an article about haiku filled with many examples, he recognized its similarity to the reflective stance of the meditation he practiced for many years. He has vigorously pursued its study for the last two years, personally experiencing its healing and enlightening qualities.


  1. Ronald, your poem is very wise, and beautifully calm and soothing, too. I love your way of thinking, my friend! Sheri

  2. thanks Sheri. I'm glade you liked it. Ron

  3. Yes, yes, I do, most certainly, shows a very creative thinker and writer and it really explodes with imagery! Sheri

  4. Nice work, Ronald. Enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  5. The "answer" so eloquently expressed. Thank you.

  6. Thoughtful expression. There is an endearing reflective quality about this poem which prevents it from being argumentative. Well done, Ronald! ----- Victoria