Saturday, May 24, 2014

Heaven’s Promise--By Poppy Herrin--United States

Heaven’s Promise

The hills that march to Heaven grow harder with the years;
when one begins the journey the higher land appears.
It is a little distant but never very far,
a mile or two at most from any place you are.

As mountains on a clear day seem close when they are not,
Heaven becomes elusive and when its fields are sought,
it drifts beyond the questioning and lifts a spire to say:
“What makes you think you’ll enter my premises one day?”

But Heaven has a promise and suddenly sometimes,
with blue skies and green fields, its sweet, unbroken chimes
come hastily before us—a miracle is wrought.
Heaven is a strange land, not found when it is sought.

Poppy Herrin is married to the love of her life Jason, and together they have four daughters and one grandson. She is originally from Laurel, Mississippi, but recently relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. By day she makes a living as a medical transcriptionist, and by night she works toward living the dream as a writer. Her poems have appeared in many publications and have received various contest awards.


  1. Hi, Poppy - your poem is a lovely promise to believers and that heaven is a true reality, although a mystery and a hope of better things to come. Very creatively expressed leaving the reader with a sort of pensiveness in thought in the silence. Thanks for giving us at Whispers the opportunity to read you. Sheri /

  2. Poppy, I just saw a movie--Heaven is for real--
    this is a true story, sure did make a person hopeful.Thank you for your beautiful poem. Mary

  3. Hi Poppy. Thank you for this wonderful and touching poem that reminds us of the joy of what's to come one day with the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  4. This is beautiful and brilliant, Poppy! As we travel along seeking the road to heaven, let's not forget to enjoy the beauty of nature on the mountains you describe. As you said so eloquently, heaven will find us. We need not look for it. Best wishes, Carolyn

    1. Hi Poppy, I enjoyed reading your heartfelt poem...The road to heaven is not paved with lilacs and roses, but it will be worth the trip once we arrive! The Lord encourages us to walk the narrow path, and enjoy the journey as we trust Jesus to guide us as we faithfully run our race here & now! Thanks for the lovely message! God bless you! ~Chris