Thursday, May 1, 2014

Last Goodbyes--By Joe Flach--United States

Last Goodbyes

(In memory of the victims from Newtown, CT - 12/14/2012)

Nobody knew it would be their last goodbye
On a day not unlike many others
The sun still ascending into the sky
Waving goodbye to their fathers and mothers

No warning to give a prolonged hug
Or to repeat, “I love you” again
No reason to put aside the coffee mug
To kiss them as the day did begin

Nobody knew of the tragedy just hours away
And the thin ice upon which we walk
The torment of wondering if your child is okay
The breaking of a parent’s heart

Watching parent and child reunited
While others still stand there alone
Feeling guilty to be so excited
That your child will be coming home

Twenty plus angels ascended to heaven
On the river of a nation’s tears
Be thankful for every day you are given
To hug your children throughout the years

Joe Flach is an amateur poet living in Gig Harbor, WA. Joe has been writing poetry, short stories and song lyrics his entire life but has only recently found the courage to share some of his work with others through internet websites and his own Poetry Facebook Page – “Poems, Lyrics and Stuff by an Average Joe”. As a professional consultant working in the fields of crisis management and disaster recovery, Joe uses has writing as a form of stress release and an opportunity to expand his horizons. Joe is a father of four children who he often relies on as a source for inspiration.


  1. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following comment--

    Hi Joe, I have no idea how anyone coud have done any better
    with a poem such as yours. I think the point is crysta cear.
    kudos to you . What a success. Excellent.

    Bob D

  2. Dear Joe,
    It is sad these parents didn't have an opportunity to give their children a proper farewell, but even sadder that no one knew what would happen that terrible day. Have you heard the song "Seven Spanish Angels"? These angels, the heaven-bound children, made me think of the Ray Charles/Willie Nelson song, but your is more meaningful as it's based on a true event. Your writing is always top-notch and I'm grateful to have the chance to read your words here. I know your life is very busy with all of your children and I'm sure you thank God every day that you have them for inspiration. Sending you big hugs (and a few tears) for this poem.

  3. Joe, it is wonderful to read you hear, at Whispers, and the subject is such a sad one that brings tears to my eyes. That was a horrible time and this poem should be posted every anniversary of that awful time so that we never forget it. Your writing shows the depth of a very caring soul....... God bless, Sheri /

  4. Joe - it is a very thoughtful and meaningful poem. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  5. Joe, you may label yourself an amateur but in my eyes this poem was professional. I am sure no critic of poetry, but when one touches my heart, as your poignant poem did mine, I would say it did exactly what God wanted it to, Any time words increase love and a desire to express it to others, including and especially to our children, is professionalism at its best.. Thank you so much for sharing your talent here with us on Whispers.
    Love, Charlene

  6. Joe, your poem is a beautiful tribute to a heartbreaking event. The worst any parent can endure is to find that there child was taken from them by no justified reason. Life is so very fragile and precious. Far to much violence rules the world. Blessings always, Leokadia

  7. What a beautiful, moving tribute to those 20 angels. Your words touched my heart. And I thank you for having the courage to share your poem - it's hard to take that step, but we are all better for having read your words. Kristina

  8. Hi Joe, a lovely tribute to the children, victims in the school tragedy in Newton. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt poem with us.

  9. Hi Joe. Thank you for a very touching and heart-felt poem of remembrance on such a tragedy. I will come back and read this one again, and probably again, as I am touched and moved by the emotion and love you have crafted and shared with us here at Whispers. I want to say more, but I must take a moment to remember that terrible day and then reflect on the comfort and assurance that those children are now resting with God. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  10. Hi Joe,

    Thank you for sharing this powerful and touching write of the Newtown tragedy dedicated to the children who lost their lives. Very well written from the heart.